‘Weta’ to lose hefty perks due to being a “Msaliti “as Senators dig in to punish the betrayer.

Bungona senator Moses Wetangula (Seen here) is being punished heavily for being a “Msaliti ” or betrayer.

Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula will lose millions of shillings worth of perks after he was yesterday kicked out as Senate Minority leader in cold blood after he became a “Msaliti” or betrayer. It’s a punishment befitting him and there is more in store for him according to people familiar with his predicament for being tergiversator or a traitor.

His perks included a superior pay package, vehicles, enhanced security and at least nine employees paid for by the State.

Efforts to reinstate him hit a dead end, after NASA senators told the Ford Kenya leader to his face that they will not reverse their decision to replace him with Siaya Senator James Orengo.

“We met, we deliberated and agreed that the Senate is an independent institution and we made the decision of retaining Orengo as our elected leader,” Narok Senator Ledama ole Kina told the press after the meeting.

The meeting, called by the NASA co-principals, was seen as a last ditch attempt to salvage Wetang’ula from the savage blow that has exacerbated the differences within the four-member coalition. Yesterday’s meeting was boycotted by ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi who is also another of trouble makers in NASA and is a suspected traitor having failed to appear for January 30th, 2018 oathing ceremony at Uhuru Park.

His aide Kibisu Kabatesi claimed bluntly that the meeting “would not add any value” to him.

“The senators who were meeting there are ODM, if Raila had failed to prevail on his own senators to rescind the decision they have taken, of what value was Musalia’s presence going to be?” asked Kabatesi.

“This is a game played by ODM and Raila is in it. Is Raila now telling us that he is no longer in charge in ODM? Is that the message he wants us to take home or we are being duped?”


Before his ouster, Wetang’ula enjoyed multiple perks and a budget for his office, all of which a parliamentary source put at over Sh1million monthly.

Besides that, he was entitled to Sh765,188 monthly salary — Sh143,938 above fellow senators, who earn a monthly salary of Sh621,250.

With the reduction of his pay, Wetang’ula’s group life insurance and personal group accident cover will also be slashed.

He will also have reduced gratuity and pension because these benefits are pegged on annual remunerative packages.

“For purposes of gratuity, pension and insurance, the annual basic remunerative package is computed on the basis of sixty percent of the monthly gross remuneration package,” a gazette notice on the remuneration of State officers states in part.

As Minority leader, Wetangula had at his disposal a government-provided Mercedes Benz car fueled by the taxpayer, six police officers — two guarding his rural home, two for his Nairobi home and two bodyguards who accompany him — besides the services of a driver.

His expansive office in Parliament directly opposite the Speaker of the Senate’s is staffed with two researchers, a legal officer, a secretary and a personal assistant.

While some of the staff is parliamentary employees seconded to his office, most of the staff was on the parliamentary payroll based on Wetang’ula’s tenure as Minority leader.

This means the staff will now lose their jobs as the next occupant of the position exercises his discretion and replaces them.

He also enjoyed unlimited local travel, and up to six international travels per year (other senators are allowed two) in Business Class; an air ticket for self and assistant every time he travels home.

He was also a member of the important Senate Business Committee, which sets the agenda of the House and allocates resources to the other committees of the Senate.


The principals had convened the Thursday meeting to prevail upon the senators to reconsider their position and have Wetang’ula reinstated as the Senate Minority leader.

One after another speaker during the meeting castigated Wetang’ula for his alleged arrogance, bullying and dictatorship during his tenure as the Minority leader.

“They told Wetang’ula maneno yake yote (castigated him),” a Senator who attended the meeting told the press in Nairobi.

Raila and Kalonzo watched helplessly as the lawmakers hit at Wetang’ula, whom they insisted can not continue leading them in the Senate. Kalonzo’s appeal to reconsider fell on deaf ears and drew murmurs from some lawmakers, who accused him of only paying lip service to NASA unity.

“Kalonzo tried to defend him and the senators promptly reminded him how he wrote directly to the National Assembly Speaker over the nomination of Momanyi [Borabu MP Ben Momanyi] to the PSC without consulting his peers,” said a NASA MP who attended the meeting.

Raila sat pensively as his co-principals received a thrashing from senators drawn from ANC, Wiper and ODM.

“We told Raila to allow us to make the decision: We had agreed to have Orengo as our Minority leader and it is Orengo who will remain our leader,” said another senator who was present during the stormy meeting.

Senators Ledama ole Kina (Narok), Judy Pareno (nominated), Moses Kajwang’ (Homa Bay), Sam Ongeri (Kisii) and Fred Outa (Kisumu) are among those said to have pushed Wetang’ula to the edge during the meeting.

“Everybody spoke and everybody castigated him,” an ODM senator told the press.

But emerging from the meeting held at the Panafric Hotel, Nairobi, the three principals put on a brave face and played down any cracks in the alliance.

Raila said the Summit had agreed that NASA’s 28 senators proceed for a retreat in the next 14 days to iron out ‘outstanding’ issues raised by the lawmakers and Wetang’ula.

He said after the retreat, NASA would make a formal communication to the Speaker of the Senate, Kenneth Lusaka, on the Minority leadership in the House.

“We have also discussed issues of leadership and senators have expressed themselves frankly and Wetang’ula had an opportunity to respond to issues raised by senators,” said Raila.

But a NASA senator who attended the meeting told the press on the phone that they will not back down on Wetang’ula’s ouster.

“Nothing like a retreat, that was not in our deliberations. We told them [principals] that if it was about the issue of Minority leader we finished with it and there is no turning back,” said the senator in confidence.

Orengo is expected to be sworn-in next week when the Senate resumes sittings.

Wetang’ula did not speak during the press briefing but Kalonzo said NASA will not fall as it was strong and united, adding that those locking horns should stop.

“At the level of the principals we are all together and we have restated the unity of NASA. MPs and MCAs stand appropriately guided,” he said.

Wetang’ula’s removal has raised concerns about possible backlash for the ODM in Western Kenya.

Wetang’ula is the only NASA co-principal in Parliament and his position had initially been primed to offer leadership for Opposition troops in the bicameral House.

Wetang’ula, who has avoided commenting directly on his removal, is reported to have teamed up with a dejected Mudavadi to turn tables against Raila in Western Kenya.

The three —Wetang’ula, Musalia and Kalonzo— are set to attend a solidarity rally in Bungoma on Sunday.

The rally comes amid talk by some MPs allied to the three principals of a separate alliance to exclude ODM.

“We want to speak to our people about the emerging issues in NASA. We shall inform them about what is happening,” said Ford Kenya deputy party leader Boni Khalwale in an interview with the press in Nairobi.

The three co-principals (wasaliti hawa) have openly questioned the talks between Uhuru and Raila Odinga and demanded to be included.
“We have a new political dispensation and we have decided to take an active role in Parliament.  You remember after the election we have been boycotting Parliament: We have never been clear whether we are in Parliament or not.
“Now we are clear we are in and we need a leadership at the Senate that will push a robust agenda and facilitate realisation of whatever accord is reached between Raila and Uhuru Kenyatta,” said Senator Kajwang’.



Hon James Orengo’s Good Times Extend To 2018, Winning Without Campaigning

Senate Minority leader James Aggrey Orengo (Senior Counsel in the center wearing glasses)

By Kamasasa E
Senate Minority leader James Aggrey Orengo (Senior Counsel) had 2017 as one of his best good time years, he worked hard and won big especially the Raila Odinga presidential petition 2017 at the supreme court.

Now, lucky seem to have extended to 2018 as on Tuesday he won a contest in absentia and won 100% votes against NASA principal Hon Moses Wetangula. Well, nothing special as Wetangula is his junior in law practice and was for long a KANU youth winger as the late Mutula Kilonzo’s pupil lawyer as Orengo was busy pushing for second liberation with Martin Shikuku, Masinde Muliro, Jaramogi, Matiba, Raila, Muite Dr Kamau Kuria among others.

Here is a list of senator Orengo’s lucky runs in 2017/2018

1. During ODM nominations exercise 2017, Senator Orengo only printed posters and did a single rally in Siaya town. He gave only one speech why he should be nominated and elected. He left for Nairobi. The Siaya people did the needful without his much needed physical presence.

2. After the ODM nominations, Orengo never bothered to even have a single serious campaign in Siaya county. Most time he was away. Few days to voting, he advised the Siaya voters through a radio talk show to use their brains at the ballot. That he is busy with Raila campaigns. Orengo won the Senate seat resoundingly.

3. Yesterday when senators were replacing Weta, Orengo did not participate. He stayed away. Despite him being in absentia, he beat Weta and he is now the minority leader.

The biggest beneficiary of Raila’s politics is non other than James Orengo. He spent nothing during nominations. Spent nothing at main campaigns. Spent zero at whipping senators.

How lucky a man can be.proudly_kenyan

Orengo takes over Minority leadership, Wetangula ousted like a stray dog.

Siaya Senator James Aggrey Orengo.

NASA senators have voted out minority leader Moses Wetangula and replaced him with his Siaya counterpart James Aggrey Orengo.

At least 19 senators who attended the coalition’s Parliamentary Group meeting unanimously voted to replace Wetang’ula with Siaya’s James Orengo.

Eight NASA senators, who failed to attend the meeting, sent apologies with some saying they are out of the country. Others said they had travelled out of Nairobi.

Key reasons given by the senators are;

1. Arrogance: Senator Wetangula is accused of arrogance and bullish behavior, he treats his colleagues with disrespect, he feels sweet and entitled unlike his counterpart James Orengo who is cordial and treats his colleagues with respect despite his immense/long experience in parliament/senate and also in private practice.

2. Sole decision maker/doesn’t consult others in house business; Hon Wetangula is accused of taking decisions without consultantions with the NASA house leadership. Others senators feel like they are chasing after wind, he treats them as school children.

3. Disrespected Raila at a meeting in Athi River; Hon Wetangula is said to have had an exchange of words with Raila Odinga at Athi River during the NASA summit retreat where he took to task the supreme leader over his handshake with president Uhuru at Harambe house on 9th of March 2018.

4. Held Meetings With DP Ruto in secret; Hon Wetangula is accused of holding night meetings with DP Ruto in various dates between November 2017 and January 30th 2018.

“That’s why we want him out. We also don’t want a principal in Senate matters,” the senator added.

The legislator disclosed that Kakamega Senator Cleopa Malala (ANC) is poised to replace Orengo as deputy minority leader.

Nominated Senator Beatrice Kwamboka (ODM) is poised for deputy whip replacing nominated Senator Petronilla Were (ANC) due to the elevation of Malala from the Speaker’s panel.

Senator Judy Pareno (Nominated) has been proposed to the Speaker’s panel to replace Malala.

“We are waiting communication from the Speaker this afternoon on our PG decision. We want the proposed changes in Senate leadership to be made once Orengo is confirmed as Minority Leader,” the senator said.

Chief Whip and Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jnr chaired the PG. He is to forward the meeting’s resolution to Speaker Kenneth Lusaka.

The development come in the wake of upheavals in the coalition which brought together ODM, Wiper, Ford Kenya, and Amani National Congress ahead of last year’s election.

This was heightened following last week’s truce between Opposition leader Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The two leaders reached a pact to work together in efforts to unite the country after the deep divisions which followed the August 8 and October 26, 2017 elections.

However, a lot remains to be sorted given that, Uhuru used part of the opposition including Wetangula to win fraudulently but still does not command a large following.

Kakamega Senator Cleopa Malala (ANC) is poised to replace Orengo as deputy minority leader.
BBC’s Panorama programme reported that Moses Wetangula (Bungoma Senator) as Trade minister in 2012 was one of the MPs who allegedly received ‘favours’ from BAT. He is said to be one of the most corrupt senators in Kenya and now has been fired as minority leader.


City Womanizer ABABU NAMWAMBA living large after UHURU gave him a job, ‘Anakula nyama sawa sawa’ (VIDEO).

C97D82ED-2B79-4086-A64A-CAC5A61731ABMonday, 19 March 2018 – Former Budalangi MP, Ababu Namwamba, is living large after Uhuru Kenyatta appointed him the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) in the kenya’s Foreign Affairs Ministry.

He was caught on camera riding on chariots and black stallions like a real boss.

He seems to be a stress free man after his wife left him due to differences in opinion and other women in Ababu Namwamba’s life.

Watch video of how Ababu is enjoying life as Wetangula , Kalonzo, Mudavadi and others cry in the toilet after they failed Raila.

The three NASA principals betrayed Raila Odinga after they failed  to show up for the oathing ceremony on January 30th, 2018 in Nairobi’s Uhuru Park at the beckoning of jubilee due to incognito sessions.

The LINK>>>>




Advocate Kethi Kilonzo spills bean on both Kalonzo Musyoka & Mwai Kibaki after they lost that election to Raila Amolo Odinga

Advocate Kethi Kilonzo.

“My late father, Senior Counsel Mutula kilonzo & pioneer Makueni senator told me something. He told me that in 2007, Kalonzo Musyoka did not become the President of Kenya because he betrayed H.E Raila Amolo Odinga. That despite the fact that Kalonzo claims to be a born again Christian, he knew that H.E Raila Amolo Odinga stood a chance better than everyone else, but out of personal hatred against Raila, cultural prejudices of this fuss called circumcision & pure malicious personal vendetta, he ran against Raila Amolo Odinga & lost.

My dad confessed that both Kalonzo Musyoka & Mwai Kibaki lost that election to Raila Amolo Odinga. Even Kalonzo Musyoka himself has in several occasions of late, whether in public or private, accepted that Jakom trounced them thoroughly.

The late Senator told me that there is only one factor that will make Kalonzo Musyoka Prsident of Kenya. That factor is endorsement by Raila Amolo odinga.He also told me that there is only one factor that will confine Kalonzo Musyoka into political dustbin forever; & that is his disrespect for Raila Amolo Odinga.

It is irresponsible for a Leader in the stature of Kalonzo Musyoka to instruct & or pay social media users money to hurl cultural insults against an institution like Raila Amolo Odinga.

If anybody cares to know, I’ve dated Luos my entire life & I’ve never bothered dating a fellow Kamba because he’s circumcised. Life, progress, development & success are not in the foreskin that covers a manhood.

I stand for brains & ideas, I reject circumcision & other cultural stereotypes”

-Advocate Kethi Kilonzo.

Senior Counsel Mutula kilonzo & pioneer Makueni senator (1st left) told his daughter Kethi Kilonzo  something. He told her that in 2007, Kalonzo Musyoka did not become the President of Kenya because he betrayed H.E Raila Amolo Odinga. That despite the fact that Kalonzo claims to be a born again Christian, he knew that H.E Raila Amolo Odinga stood a chance better than everyone else, but out of personal hatred against Raila, cultural prejudices of this fuss called circumcision and pure malicious personal vendetta, he ran against Raila Amolo Odinga and lost.
Kalonzo Musyoka (Seen here) did not become the President of Kenya because he betrayed H.E Raila Amolo Odinga. That despite the fact that Kalonzo claims to be a born again Christian, he knew that H.E Raila Amolo Odinga stood a chance better than everyone else, but out of personal hatred against Raila, cultural prejudices of this fuss called circumcision and pure malicious personal vendetta, he ran against Raila Amolo Odinga and lost.
Mwai Kibaki (Seen here in younger days) lost 2007 election to Raila Amolo Odinga. Even Kalonzo Musyoka himself has in several occasions of late, whether in public or private, accepted that Jakom trounced them thoroughly.
H.E Raila Amolo Odinga has had his Presidential election wins stolen three times since 2007. 



SHOCK as CHRIS KIRUBI stares at death in the face, Here’s the dangerous disease eating him away, he has handed over his wealth

Renowned Kenyan billionaire and business mogul, Chris Kirubi wearing a red cap is seen above with his friends.

Sunday March 18th, 2018 – Renowned Kenyan billionaire and business mogul, Chris Kirubi, has caused a major stir on social media after a photo of him looking very weak surfaced online.

The wealthy Kirubi, who run down Uchumi retail stores and  Kenatco in Nairobi, has been very vocal on social media and mainstream media where he appeared for interviews. Since his sickness has been keeping a low profile.

We can now confirm that Kirubi has been in the US seeking specialized medication after he was diagnosed with colon cancer (cancer of the largest intestine, which is the final part of the human being’s digestive tract).

He has been camping at Boston Medical Centre in the US, seeking specialized medical attention from a prominent oncologist.

Before he went to the US, he was being treated at Karen Hospital but the situation got worse.
Kirubi’s health has deteriorated despite being attended to by the best doctors at Boston Medical Centre.

The wealthy businessman has a lot of investments including the famous Two Rivers Mall via Centum, Capital Group Limited that owns Capital FM, a stake in Haco Tiger that makes Hapic, BIC and many more among other investments worth billions.

He was recently forced to fly into the country to hand over his wealth to a trust that can continue running them.

He wants to hand over his wealth to a person he trusts before the worst happens. However, Boniface Mwangi in Nairobi is not buying any of it according to a post he shared on social media, he said he has zero compassion for people who steal from the public coffers and destroy lives. (See below).

We wish him a quick recovery as he continues to seek medical help in the US.1CB2C60F-6ED4-4729-976F-42312340B4B3

Chris Kirubi’s SLEEK Mercedes Maybach which brought  Business To A Standstill At The GRAND Opening Of Two Rivers KE Mall (PHOTOS courtesy)