Athletics Legend Kipchoge Keino, Former CS Hassan Wario Turn Themselves in to The Police

Athletics legend Kipchoge Keino is one of the accused for embezzlement of funds meant for athletes.

Athletics legend Kipchoge Keino on Thursday turned himself in to the police to respond to questions relating to his involvement in embezzlement of funds meant for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Kenya ambassador to Austria and former Sports CS Hassan Wario and two others also surrendered to the police to beat a deadline set by Anti-Corruption Court magistrate Douglas Ogoti.

On Monday, the magistrate ordered the accused to appear before him to take plea on the charges.

Former Sports Minister Hassan Wario raises his hands in this past photo

“Failure to present themselves before the DCI, warrants of arrests be issued,” he directed.

The marathon legend had been asked to report to the DCI offices on Monday by DPP Noordin Haji, together with the former Sport CS over the embezzlement of funds meant for 2016 Rio Olympics.

The court was however told that the two individuals were out of the country on separate missions but were expected to return on by Wednesday.

Also expected to answer to the graft charges are former director of administration Haron Chebet Komen and former finance officer Patrick KimithiNkabu in the Sports ministry.

The DPP made the decision to go forward with the case after establishing that there was enough evidence to charge the former CS and other officers for the misappropriation of at least Ksh 55 Million.

Investigations revealed that the government had allocated Ksh 544 million for the Olympics which were allegedly misused by Wario and National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOCK) officials.

“Accordingly, I have directed the DCI to immediately have the persons arraigned in court. They are hereby directed to report before the DCI headquarters on or before October 15. 2018, failure to which the process of obtaining warrants of arrest shall commence before a competent court,” stated the DPP.

Former Nock secretary Francis Kanyili (L), former Nock assistant treasurer Stephen Arap Soi and Kenyan envoy to Russia Richard E



Major Bombshell: Jacque maribe Is Pregnant With Murder Suspect Jowie Irungu’s Baby

Jacque Maribe on the left with Jowie on the right. Photos courtesy. Jacque Maribe is currently pregnant with murder suspect Joseph “Jowie” Irungu’s child.

Sources close to detained Citizen TV reporter Jacque Maribe confirm that she is pregnant with murder suspect Joseph “Jowie” Irungu’s child.

Ms Maribe who is detained at Gigiri Police station pending conclusion of DCI investigations over business lady cum slay queen Monica Kimani’s cold murder in Kilimani area Nairobi. Maribe’s fiance is the prime suspect. News of the pregnancy is a double tragedy for her and Jowie as they face murder charges. Friends confirmed that she has been avoiding alcohol lately giving flimsy excuses.

Ms Maribe has been together with Jowie April although friends have indicated that the two got to know each other over a year ago during presidential campaigns.

Jacque who is set to be charged with the crime of being accessory to the murder of Monica Kimani, is contemplating what she can do as Joe Irungu and herself faces years behind bars in case of conviction. She is still hopeful that being release on bail might offer her an avenue to handle the pregnancy.

Jacque Maribe not only hid the crime from the police but also helped Joe Irungu burn his bloodied clothes and took him to hospital.

Many of her friends are pondering what to do next and as Carol Gikunda noted in her ‘thinking loudly’ column, we can only imagine thus:
1. If Jowie had his own car, it would have been the car to be traced to the scene of crime. Maribe would have been safe.

2. If Jowie had his own house, the dollars would have been found there. The bullet would have been found there. The Kanzu would have been burnt there.
Maribe would have been safe.

3. If Jowie had his own house, and had a driver… and shot himself there, his driver would have been the one to drop him to hospital…
Maribe would have been safe.

All pointers incriminating Maribe are as a result of Jowie’s poverty.

Lesson: Don’t date broke wanna be’s. stick to a genuine broke hustler!

But helloooo, here is a consolation:

The one thing you should never regret in this land of the living, is loving truly, loving whole heartedly and loving for no reason at all.
Whether it worked or did not work, life is easier knowing you gave it your all, knowing you left no stone unturned and knowing there is nothing in this world you could have done that you did not do…then.
To the Maribes of this world, don’t let the world use the love you genuinely gave to demean you.
If you loved, you loved.
If the person did not deserve you or your love, it’s their loss… Not yours.

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Court Rules Jacque Maribe to be Detained for 10 more days At Gigiri Police Station

Citizen TV news anchor Jacque Maribe with her lawyer during the court proceedings.

Citizen TV news anchor Jacque Maribe has been detained for 10 more days to allow police conduct further investigations into the murder of Monica Kimani.

Maribe was arraigned at the Kiambu Law Courts on Monday in connection with the murder of Ms. Kimani, who was found murdered in her apartment in Kilimani, Nairobi.

The court directed that she be detained at the Gigiri Police Station, where she spent the weekend after being arrested on Saturday.

“I am convinced that compelling reasons do exist to warrant detention in custody. In the interest of justice I have granted the prosecution 10 days to detain the suspect at Gigiri police station,” directed the judge.

The prosecution had asked for 14 days to detain the TV anchor, arguing that the investigations required more time as DNA samples need to be collected as well as more statements from Maribe’s friends and colleagues.


In addition, the court directed Ms. Maribe should not be forced to record any statement in the absence of her advocate. This was after her lawyer Katwa Kigen told the court that she was being “blackmailed, intimidated and cajoled,” into recording statements.

“We have said please release her your honour… But if you choose to keep her for more days, we pray that the environment under which she is kept is not unfair to her; inclusive of her being blackmailed, intimated or cajoled your honour,” submitted Lawyer Kigen.



How Joseph Irungu aka Jowie knew Monica Kimani and How love triangle with Jacque Maribe ensued and subsquent killing.

The suspect in Monica Kimani’s murder, Joseph Irungu

The family of the late Monica Kimani, who was murdered in her Kilimani apartment, has revealed details of their daughter’s relationship with Joseph Irungu also known as Joe Jowie. Unknown to the late Monica Kimani’s family, Citizen TV Jacque Maribe was also involved as a third person in a three way relationship aka mpango wa kando.

Monica’s brother George Thiru Kimani, revealed that he and the suspect, Jowie, were friends.

Kimani stated that they were in university together back in 2012 but lost track of each other after completing their education.

According to Kimani, they later reunited after Jowie and his sister became friends, in what he suspected developed through social media.

It emerged that they reunited after his sister and the suspect became friends and their friendship blossomed.

According to George, Jowie once tried to woo Monica but she declined due to their personal differences.

The deceased and Jowie often went out but his brother maintained that there was no intimate relationship.FILE-1538043836

Jowie was arrested this week in connection with the killing of 28-year-old Monica in Kilimani.

According to police reports, the car Irungu was driving was spotted at the residence of the deceased on the day of the killing.

Several contradicting statements have since emerged over what exactly transpired before Kimani’s killing and what Jowie does for a living.

The family, who was interviewed by press, stated that Monica had been living in South Sudan for about seven years but moved back to the country three months ago.

The murder of Monica Kimani has been linked to Joseph Irungu aka Jowie – Jacque Maribe’s fiancée who has since been arrested but details about Monica Kimani that are not known to many have emerged.

She was to meet her family on a fateful morning after landing from South Sudan but when her mother tried to reach her, she did not pick her calls.

Accompanied by another relative, George went to Luciane Apartments on Kitale Lane off Denis Pritt Road where she staying and when they arrived, they approached two guards and the caretaker, explained the situation and requested to be allowed into the house.

After knocking on the door several times without getting any response; they requested permission from the landlord to be allowed to break down the door and it is then that George discovered his sister’s body in the bathtub with her hands and legs tied with a white cable and her phone by her side.

Monica Kimani’s parents Paula and Millicent Ngarama

Police launched investigations into the murder of Ms Kimani which culminated to Jowie’s arrest on Tuesday this week.


A strong well-built man with a relatively good social media presence is now the prime suspect in a murder case.

Just what does he do for a living?

Locally, Jowie provides security for high profile individuals and some of his photos on social media portray as macho.

He has also been a security guard for a private firm in Dubai and Afghanistan.

Here are some of the photos for the suspect in Monica Kimani’s murder:




BREAKING: Prof PLO Lumumba Deported From Zambia; Blocked At The Airport like a stray dog – Was To Give Speech on China Africa Trade

Professor PLO Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba

INTERNATIONALLY acclaimed Kenyan activist and motivational speaker Professor PLO Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba has been stopped from entering Zambia like a stray dog.

Professor Lumumba was stopped as he tried to pass through the immigration desk, he was accosted by armed police and told him he was not welcome. PLO had landed aboard Kenya airways Flight number KQ706 that touched down at Kenneth International Airport at midday.

PLO is renown anti-corruption crusader, a law professor, a practicing lawyer/advocate and motivational speaker across Africa. He has delivered critical speech touching on mis-Governance in Africa, exploitation of Africa resources by China.

a few months ago he was in Accra Ghana, Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Ivory Coast among others where he was given a standing ovation for his super anti-corruption speech.

He was expected to deliver a speech on Chinese investment in Africa at Golden Peacock Hotel in Lusaka this evening.
Note that Zambia is now a China colony after failing to repay debts owed on time, the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport is now owned by China as well as other strategic installations.

He has since been put back on the plane and will be landing at JKIA anytime from 7pm.

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Citizen TV Jacque Maribe Arrested Over Murder of Monica Kimani, Pistol, sh6m recovered from her house

CITIZEN TV’s Jacque Maribe arrested over murder of Monica Kimani in Nairobi.

CITIZEN TV’s Jacque Maribe arrested over murder of Monica Kimani after new evidence confirmed she committed a crime; she will be arraigned in court on Monday.

Reliable sources indicate that Sh6million was recovered from her house and a pistol from their neighbor

Speculation was rife that she knew more about the murder, its alleged that the late Monica had a lot of US dollars upon arrival from Juba, an amount that the family and the police have not yet accounted for.

It is also alleged that her fiance Jowie had an active sexual affair with the late Monica Kimani and therefore a remote possibility of a crime of passion/love triangle.

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In pictures: Governor Obado – How My Wife Busted Me With Sharon At Imperial Hotel, Kisumu

Migori County Governor Okoth Obado speaks out for the first time since the murder of university student Sharon Otieno at a Nairobi hotel on September 12, 2018. [Beverlyne Musili/Standard]
The Obado Story
By Geoffrey Mosoku for the Standard
It all started with a glance, then a text before it blossomed into an explosive love affair, which climaxed into a pregnancy before demands for a Sh35 million house in Nairobi soured the relationship.

This is how Migori governor, Okoth Obado described his six month romantic relationship with slain Rongo University student, Sharon Otieno when he was grilled for at least eight hours by the police on Tuesday.

In his statement to detectives in Kisumu on Tuesday, the governor explained that he first met Sharon in November last year after she initiated communication.

According to the governor, Sharon had sent a couple of text messages to him after last year’s election prompting him to invite her to Migori for a first meeting.

However on that day, Obado was not able to see her as he had other engagements on county matters; an incident which infuriated the late Rongo university student who sent him a text to complain.

Later in the day, the county boss called to apologise and asked Sharon to reschedule a meeting to another day as he was to leave for Nairobi that evening.

Coincidentally Sharon told Obado she wanted to ‘see him’ on her way to the city too, a development which led to the pair having their first meeting in Nairobi.

The next day, the two met at the Intercontinental Hotel for a drink. In Obado’s words, one thing led to another as the two began a romantic relationship.

The Governor would then see Sharon regularly and most of their dates were either in Kisumu or Nairobi until one day she told the Governor of her pregnancy.

Obado recalled that in April during the Devolution Conference in Kakamega, he and other county bosses were booked at Acacia Hotel when Sharon travelled to Kisumu and checked in at Imperial hotel, in his name.

The Imperial hotel manager then called him saying ‘welcome your excellency to our hotel’ but he could not understand what he was talking about as he had already checked into the other hotel.

The manager then informed him that Sharon had checked in to ‘your usual room’. Late that evening, Sharon called the governor asking him to go to Imperial hotel.

As he contemplated whether to go or not, he received a call from his wife Helen who inquired about his whereabouts. She then dropped a bombshell.

Hellen asked her husband whether he sure that he was at Acacia hotel but when he insisted that he was she demanded to know who Sharon Otieno was.

According to the statement, the Governor got confused and struggled to explain to his wife that there was no mischief involved and even asked her to come to Acacia.
The wife then warned Obado against going to Imperial saying if he dared, she would get the entire episode on camera as she had a team monitoring him.

Scared by the warning, Obado called Sharon to say he can’t make it for the night since madam was around. Ironically, Sharon was infuriated, Obado said and accused him of being with another woman and using madam’s name as an excuse.
Sharon told Obado that she knew where the wife was, telling him ‘every time I want to see you I first monitor madam’s movements’.

He asked Sharon to plan and meet him later in Nairobi after the conference. Sharon, who had at this point not revealed to Obado that she had other children from previous relationships, wanted the Governor to move her to Nairobi.
The county boss linked her with an estate agent who found a Sh10 million apartment but she declined the house. She instead got another house in Westlands worth Sh35 million.

Obado declined to buy the house and following further negotiations, Sharon said she was willing to settle for a Sh25 million house. This too, was declined. This was in May this year.

After this disagreement, the Governor then cut communication with Sharon and blocked her calls. Perhaps out of desperation, the student began sending texts to the governor’s close aides even family members.
Obado told police at one time, Sharon sent a picture of her baby bump to his eldest son who upon inquiring what the picture was for, was told “I am carrying your brother, send it to your mother.”
As the texts intensified, his wife one day called him and asked that they talk as a family. She asked the governor to hand over his phones to his security so that they can have uninterrupted discussion.

Having sensed the issue at hand, Obado spoke first and confessed to his wife about ‘that Sharon that you had warned me about sometime back’, who was now pregnant. The two later called their children and explained the same to them.
Obado then told investigators he later received a call from ODM chairman John Mbadi who said there was a journalist by the name Barack Oduor who had a story about him. Mbadi sent him Odour’s number.

The Governor called Odour and the two agreed to meet in Migori. The journalist then met Obado about three days later in the company of Lawrence Mula, a former MCA.

They explained their mission but the Governor who seemed unmoved told them to proceed and publish the story since the ‘pregnancy was no longer a secret in the family.
However the two explained that their mission was not malign his name but would love him to sort out the issue with Sharon amicably. Obado asked them then to go and ask Sharon what she wanted.
About a week later, Mula traveled to Nairobi and met Obado at Heron Court saying Sharon had now settled with a proposal of getting a plot in Homa Bay.

Mula was then given Sh50, 000 to sort out his car which as in a garage before returning to the city to meet Obado later at Serena hotel. The ex-MCA was given Sh100, 000 to deliver Sh80, 000 to Sharon and Sh20, 000 for his night stay in Nairobi and fuel back to Homa Bay.

Two days later, Mula called to say Sharon had identified a plot in Homa Bay town which she wanted him to buy for her.
Obado declined the proposal and asked the MCA to ask Sharon to identify a plot, between an acre and two acres. He then offered to construct a three bedroomed house for her.

The Governor recalled that just a few days before the abduction and eventual murder of Sharon, he had received a text from journalist Oduor cautioning him that the matter was getting out of hand and he needed to act immediately.

Odour is said to have warned Obado not to blame him for anything that happens on the Sharon matter. The next thing, Obado says he heard was that Oduor and Sharon had been abducted and Oyamo (Michael) his PA had been implicated.
His Communication Director Nicholas Anyour was the first to uniform him about the incident before Nyanza regional police chief called him on the same matter.

“The pregnancy was not a problem to the governor. Sharon was in the process of being assisted and that if the child eventually was to be born and is confirmed to be his, she was to be provided for. There is nothing to gain with her death. What was the benefit?” Obado’s lawyer Cliff Ombeta said.

On Wednesday Obado was accompanied by his family as he sought t to distance himself from the brutal murder of Sharon. Obado has since given police his DNA samples.

Governor Obado introduces his family to the public at Serena Hotel, Nairobi while addressing the press on the murder of Sharon Otieno. [Beverlyne Musili/Standard]
Migori Governor Obado’s wife Hellen Okoth. [Beverlyne Musili/Standard
Governor Obado introduces his family to the public at Serena Hotel, Nairobi while addressing the press on the murder of Sharon Otieno. [Beverlyne Musili/Standard]
Governor Obado introduces his family to the public at Serena Hotel, Nairobi while addressing the press on the murder of Sharon Otieno. [Beverlyne Musili/Standard]
Migori Governor Okoth Obado’s son Jerry Okoth. [Beverlyne Musili/Standard]
Governor Obado introduces his family to the public at Serena Hotel, Nairobi while addressing the press on the murder of Sharon Otieno. [Beverlyne Musili/Standard]

 Sharon Otieno was killed like a stray dog whose body was found in a forest in Homa Bay in western Kenya. 
Sharon Otieno was killed like a stray dog whose body was found in a forest in Homa Bay in western Kenya.