President John Magufuli

Six Kenyans believed to be spies are being held by the government of Tanzania on charges of espionage and treason.
The six are
1. J. Njoroge
2. David Kamau.
3. Moses Cheruyiot.
4.B. Mwaniki.
5. K. Bett.
6. Joseph Kamau.

It is reported President John Magufuli has refused to release them even after high level diplomatic please and threats.

The Kenyan government has mulled over the idea of shutting down Tanzania’s Embassy in Nairobi over the incident.Kenya -Tanzania Flags


Breaking Sad: Veteran Radio Broadcaster Agawo Patrobas Dies At 69

Veteran Radio Broadcaster Agawo Patrobas in action. He died after a short illness in Nairobi. He was 69 years old.

Veteran radio broadcaster Agawo Patrobas, who was popularly known as Papa, is dead.

Patrobas, 69, died on Wednesday (November 22) at around 11am while undergoing treatment at Nairobi Women’s Hospital after a short illness.

The legendary radio presenter collapsed on Sunday and was rushed to Jamaa Hospital in Nairobi’s Uhuru estate before being transferred to Nairobi Women’s.

Born on September 23, 1948, Patrobas had a stellar career spanning over 30 years where he worked for leading broadcasters including Voice of Kenya (now KBC), the British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC) and Royal Media Services.

Royal Media Services Chairman SK Macharia and Vice Chair Gathoni Macharia mourned Patrobas terming his death “a devastating and painful blow to the company and the media industry at large.”

“Agawo was not only a diligent broadcaster but a man of impeccable integrity whose contribution to the growth and expansion of Ramogi FM cannot be gainsaid.

“We convey our heartfelt condolences to his family, friends, fans and colleagues at the Royal Media Services and pray to God to give strength to his loved ones during this difficult time,” said Dr. Macharia.

Royal Media Services Programmes Director Fred Afune mourned Patrobas saying he was deeply saddened to learn of the demise of the broadcasting legend.

“With profound sadness and on behalf of RMS Radio, I pass my condolences to his family, friends and fans. His powerful, strong and commanding voice will surely be missed on the airwaves at home and abroad,” said Mr. Afune.

Patrobas had two popular shows on Ramogi FM, one of which he even hosted last Saturday (November 18), before he was taken ill on Sunday while heading to host his Sunday show, Rhumba Ramogi. He played a key role in setting the station up, training and its subsequent growth.

“‘A gang of petty robbers’ as he was fondly known by his ardent fans was a national treasure, and I can only hope that his legacy lives forever… Besides his commitment, reliability and dedication to work, he was also one of the most original broadcasters the country has ever had,” Mr Afune said.



Six Things You Should Know About Emmerson Mnangagwa

The former vice president of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa is scheduled to be the next president of the country following a military coup last week.

He was set to succeed 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe but then axed in early November with some saying place was being made for Grace Mugabe, wife of the president. Mnangagwa, 75, is a veteran in Zimbabwe’s ruling party, Zanu-PF.

Here are six things you should know about the man who is poised to become Zimbabwe’s next president.

1. He was a part of the Second Chimurenga.

Mnangagwa was born in Zimbabwe then moved to Zambia as a child. On his return to Zimbabwe in the 1960s he joined Zimbabwe’s war for liberation (Chimurenga); he was a lawyer by then. Mnangagwa was sentenced to death for blowing up a trainin Masvingo in 1965. His sentence was then changed and he was sent to prison because he was too young for the death penalty. It was here that he met Mugabe and joined Zimbabwe African National Union which later became Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF).

2. He played a role in the Gukurahundi genocide
Mnangagwa was the security minister when an estimated 20 000 people from the rival party Zimbabwe African People’s Union (ZAPU) supporters, who were mainly Ndebele, were killed in 1983 and 1984.

At a rally in Lupane in Matabeleland North Province in 1983, he called ZAPU supporters cockroaches that should be killed with pesticides. However, he has continually denied any involvement, blaming the army instead.

3. His relationship with Mugabe has spanned decades
In 1980, Mnangagwa joined Mugabe in exile in Mozambique as his special assistant after spending time fighting the British in Zimbabwe. Mugabe made Mnangagwa the minister for national security after independence. Mnangagwa, once Mugabe’s intelligence adviser, has even likened his relationship with Mugabe as one of father and son.

He served under Mugabe until 2004 in several different positions but was ousted when he expressed ambition to be vice president. He returned during the 2008 elections as Mugabe’s head election agent for Mugabe. He then became the head of Joint Operations Command which is the wing of government that human rights organisations accused of targeting voices speaking out against Mugabe.

4. He has close ties to the military
Mnangagwa has strong military connections and influence, highlighted by the time he served as minister of defence from 2009 to 2013. His close ally is Constantino Chiwenga who is a Zimbabwean army general and commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces. Chiwenga led the coup on Tuesday.

5. He has ties to the Chinese military too
Chiwenga met with General Li Zuocheng of the Chinese Liberation Army a week before the coup, according to China Military Online (CMO). Mnangagwa was also trained in combat in China.

Li told the CMO China’s military was willing to make joint efforts with the Zimbabwe military to maintain high-level exchange of visits, deepen pragmatic cooperation in areas of personnel training, college education, as well as equipment and technology, “continuously elevating the level of relations between the two militaries” China is Zimbabwe’s largest foreign investor; the two countries exchange: natural resources and agricultural products.

6. He has had close ties with South African President Jacob Zuma stretching many years as spymasters. 

Mnangagwa has strong intelligence connections and influence, highlighted by the time he served as security minister in the 1980’s. Mnangagwa was a leader during the Rhodesian Bush War and security minister. While Mnangagwa was security minister, he was also Zimbabwe’s spymaster and in charge of the Central Intelligence Organisation and worked closely with his counterpart in South Africa at the time Jacob Zuma who was the spymaster for African National Congress (ANC). His making of a Zimbabwean president has ties to many powerful moving parts in Africa and beyond.

During his tenure, the Zimbabwean Fifth Brigade massacred thousands of civilians, mainly ethnic Ndebeles, in Matabeleland during the Gukurahundi civil conflict. Mnangagwa denied that he had any role in this and blamed the army for the deaths. However his intelligence agency worked with the army to suppress Joshua Nkomo‘s Zimbabwe African People’s Union during the conflict. Despite the Unity Accord which ended the conflict and merged Mugabe’s Zimbabwe African National Union and Nkomo’s ZAPU to form ZANU–PF, Mnangagwa is still disliked in Matabeleland.

Incoming Zibwabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa



”Only Despots Will Congratulate You After Police Killings ” – Raila Blasts Uhuru From Zanzibar

“The devolution of security must be the central plank to end violence against resource-rich but marginalized communities.”

There is something profoundly sickening about a nation in which the government repeatedly undertakes mass killings to keep its citizens intimidated into accepting its undemocratic rule. And thus we are seeing that the murderous mayhem that greeted the arrival of our flagbearer Raila Odinga from the US continued even after Uhuru Kenyatta managed on Monday to be declared the winner of the October 26th election.

So on a day when there would have been cause for caroling and celebration throughout the land – had a legitimate presidency been born – we were hearing heart-rending reports of brutality and death being wreaked on unarmed civilians who are protesting an illegitimate ruler. Why are police shooting to kill? Why are they even using live bullets on people who pose no threat to police or to anyone else’s life?

These killings are literally tearing this country apart, and the demand for greater devolution to redress gross imbalances is now escalating to cries for secession as a way for people to protect themselves from a vicious state. NASA has repeatedly indicated to its supporters its commitment to a unified Kenyan state as the best means to attain democracy and prosperity. But we have also warned that unless people’s suffering and woes are addressed, the demands for secession will continue to mount.

Every single life needlessly extinguished is unacceptable and the killers must face the harshest penalties the law allows. But when the killings are ethnically targeted, they are even more heinous and rise to the level of crimes against humanity. As all Kenyans know, these are subject to prosecution by the International Criminal Court.

We were pleased to see from news media reports yesterday that the international community has recognized this regime’s brutality and withheld its congratulations to Uhuru Kenyatta after the Supreme Court on Monday dismissed the petitions against his election.

“The killing of ten protesters last Friday after police banned a rally by Mr Kenyatta’s defeated rival, Raila Odinga, caused particular anger,” wrote the Financial Times, while the Daily Telegraph wrote that “Western missions in Nairobi had chosen to delay offering their congratulations in stands against aspects of Mr Kenyatta’s campaign and the deadly suppression of protests in recent months.”

These latest murderous rampages have shocked many Jubilee supporters, who had assumed that Uhuru would now try to erase his divisive and destabilizing legacy of illegitimacy by reaching out to all Kenyan communities. But Uhuru knows that his rule and policies have irrevocably alienated most of the population, and he can only rule by cowing the people into submission. In addition, Uhuru and William Ruto formed Kenya’s first openly sectarian party, which proclaimed that their two communities would continue to lead the nation into the future, as they have done for these last 54 years. The nation’s 42 other communities are therefore of no great concern to them. And they do not know that no Kenyan community can be cowed into accepting unlawful rule.

We call upon Uhuru Kenyatta to immediately order an end to the slaughter. The violence is of course directed against communities – from the western, lower eastern and coastal and other regions – which support Nasa. This is a warped scheme to portray the nationally-oriented opposition to Uhuru’s government as being only tribally motivated.

We as well call upon the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the ICC and other protection organizations to immediately begin collecting evidence which will identify atrocities that should be treated as international crimes.
We also call upon all our supporters to continue exercising restraint in their protests and avoid any actions that could be used as a pretext for more killing. Our struggle for the vast changes needed in Kenya is inspired by our great 2010 Constitution and by our commitment to uphold the rule of law, and we will employ peaceful methods that have gotten us the political and major reforms and benefits.

NASA is aware that appeals for an end to the murderous policies of this government will fall on deaf ears. We will very shortly be announcing a list of self-protection measures. We also know that major changes in our laws are needed to restore equity, inclusion and devolution that lie at the heart of any process that will heal and unite our country.

The devolution of internal security to the counties must be a central plank of the efforts to end once and for all the deeply ingrained history of violence and intimidation against resource-rich and marginalized communities. The Centre has sought through this way to keep their demands for greater access to their wealth in check, and to continue exploiting their resources for the benefit of a tiny elite that is determined to keep control at the centre.

These policies will not succeed any more. Kenyans have become more determined than ever to fight for their rights as oppression and economic deprivations intensify from an illegitimate government.

22 11 17

Kenyan opposition supporters are sprayed with water in Nairobi, Kenya, Friday, Nov.17, 2017. One person has been killed in confrontations between Kenyan police and supporters of opposition leader Raila Odinga as tensions over the disputed presidential election continue. (Brian Inganga/Associated Press)

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Desperate For A Job, sycophant Ababu Namwamba Wrote A Poem To DP Ruto’s Wife Rachel Breaking Internet

By Ababu Namwamba;

Your Excellency,

Your true faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, your amazing humility, your incredible strength of character, your genuine love for humanity, your selfless dedication to the service of our great nation are all such an inspiration. Am humbled and honoured to know you. Happy Birthday Your Excellency Mama Rachel Ruto. May you enjoy many good years.

Rachel Ruto


The Arrogance Of Safaricom and Bidco Will Be Damaging In The Longrun As Raila NASA Boycott Digs Deeper

Wambui Kamiru with former SafariCom CEO Bob Collymore eating cake

A Case for SafariCom and Bidco Industries’

By Topi Lyambila via FB

Seriously who advises these people? That is if they have a PR department.
Ever since the declaration of the NASA Boycott, I have waited to read or see some billboard/ storyline go up in the name of damage control; but so far NADA.

What I get and ti is my opinion remember, is that these guys are either clueless or a bunch of arrogant farts who have made enough money and know that the cat is still in the bag and therefore do not need the over or close to 10 million users who will walk away from their products.

Business is Business! And yes it should never get mixed with politics, but by the very nature of the users, like it or not whatever goes down is political in every sense of the word.
This is mine to the stakeholders of those boycotted companies (for free) a customer however small, makes part of that huge profit you rake in from sales annually. The silent users who consume your products quietly regardless, do so because, as often is, there’s no adequate competition or alternative. Do you ever ask yourselves for how long this is gonna be? I doubt.

In your position, I will not hide behind the smokescreen created by political shenanigans. I will launch what we refer to in PR circles a ‘Charm-Offensive’, geared towards assuaging that customer who has or is bound to lose faith in my product. Many of us expected both Safaricom and Bidco industries to show that they have no quarrel with Kenyans and value every one of them regardless of tribe or political affiliation! Go tell Mama Akinyi, Mama Bonareri, Mama Charo-Mwakio and Mama Chacha, even Mama Komora, Mama Juma, Mama Jakaiti and while at it reach out to Mama Mueni, Mama Mumbi and Mama Naserian, without forgetting Mama Shabaan, Mama Kosgey and Mama Wafula, that you value them all. Tell them how all along you have been making a substantial contribution to their lives and will continue doing so in earnest without fear or favour. Talk to the NASA Leadership and state your case, because you need those customers more than they need you.

In business you must learn to read the signs of the times and adjust your image accordingly. Isn’t it laughable that in some Safaricom commercials – within a space of less than one minute you hear a line to the effect ‘Mpesa iko kwa Mama Shiko… nyuma ya kiosk ya Mama Mwangi’. I will not even mention the give-away accents of the players and hey before you go labelling me tribal, I have no problem with the biased casting of the players, but when played out at a time when you have a divisional crisis, with a number of communities threatening to leave Safcom, don’t you think that kind of bias helps drive the last nail in the you know what? I know my Mwalimu Ngaruma is cocking his head ready to let fly. My case is ‘damage control’ you taught me tough times call for tough measures.

Boycott these products manufactured by Bidco at Thika 


Lawyer Donald Kipkorir Letter To Uhuru Breaks Internet, Read 7 Things Jubilee Must Do

 This is lawyer Donald Kipkorir with former Kenyan Presidential candidate Ekuru Aukot.

My 2nd Open Letter To President Uhuru Kenyatta

Pro Bono Advise In Writing Your Inauguration Speech

Your Excellency, on Tuesday, November 28, you will be sworn by CJ David Maraga for your second and final term. I want to make humble proposals for your last inaugural speech.

1. Offer servant leadership … Jesus washed the feet of His disciples, and told us that if we call Him Lord and Master, we must do likewise … Humility isn’t a weakness … Lead by example … Let Presidency be a calling to serve and not self aggrandizement… And every other public office … People should not leave public service richer than when they came in.

2. Give us Hope … Like President Barack Obama, promise that you will stop the rising of the sea, you will bring low the mountains and will raise the valleys … Many Kenyans live in abject poverty .. have no shelter .. When you see people breaking kiosks, it isn’t sport but maybe the only meal they will have in a long while ..

3. Provide us with optimism … Franklin D. Roosevelt came to office when America and the world was in economic tailspin.. Americans had lost personal dignity as they were forced by economic depression to queue for free soups .. FDR introduced the New Deal and transformed America forever… Do you have a New Deal? And John F. Kennedy promised them the moon and took them there. There is too much gloom and darkness in the land … Will you now take us to the Canaan we missed?

4. Build bridges … America was torn apart by the Civil War … Abraham Lincoln came and healed the Nation … He bridged the Secessionists and the Unionists … He set the slaves free.. Offer hand of friendship to Baba .. He has done more for this country than many if not all .. there is too much tribal, personal and cultural hate and venom in Kenya …

5. Bring National Unity … Barack Obama said there was no white America or black America … All tribes in Kenya have and must be equal .. Like Martin Luther King Jnr, invite all Kenyans to the mountain top …

6. Give us Freedom … Franklin D Roosevelt, America’s second greatest President offered Americans Freedom Of Speech, Freedom Of Worship, Freedom From Want and Freedom From Fear …. Our Constitution offers us these .. Don’t let the Police shoot at all … In France, demonstrators burn cars and buildings and no one has ever been killed .. Value of a Kiosk can’t equal the life of man . Kiosk can be replaced … If demos are left free as guaranteed by the Constitution, With time, demos will become like gay parades .. boring!

7. Offer us Wisdom … Like King Solomon, don’t split the child … Exodus 18:21 Says : “But select capable men from all the people”… Don’t take sides .. Don’t led your advisers spread hate … Don’t led your Digital Team spread, spew and propagate hate and fake news … You are the President Of all … Don’t look down on anyone or any tribe …

And get and read 1. From Third World To First: The Singapore Story, 1965-2000 by Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew 2. The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli 3. Team of Rivals (A Biography Of Abraham Lincoln) by Prof. Doris Kearns Godwin and 4. Above all, The Bible & Koran.

Leaving a legacy we will celebrate in future is your choice ….

Patriotic Citizen