Why did UHURU sneak out of JKIA to South Africa using Kenya Airways on Sunday night?


Wednesday September 23, 2015 – President Uhuru Kenyatta left his security handlers stranded at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on Sunday night after he left the country to South Africa without his usual detail.

According to a source in State House, Uhuru left the country in a hurry, in what many believe was a very confidential visit.

“He left in a hurry and boarded a commercial flight. He did not even want security when he left,” a RECCE office who works at the PES said.

Uhuru came back on Monday night on board a Kenya Airways flight and sneaked back to State House the same way he skulked out on Sunday night.

Some Kenyans have complained about Uhuru’s trip to South Africa on Sunday saying that he ought to have informed them about it.

They said that Uhuru is putting his life at risk by leaving without security especially to South Africa – a country that is known to be one of the most dangerous destinations to visit in Africa because of its high crime rate.

“Uhuru must notify Kenyans whenever he goes out of the country. He should understand that he is a public figure and he should inform Kenyans about all his foreign trips,” a senior security expert told journalists on Tuesday.



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