Shida – Mbaraka Mwinshehe Mwaruka

Shida performed by Mbaraka Mwinshehe Mwaruka  –

The nature of fame has changed in modern times, and celebrities, and their fans, are diminished by the process. Celebrity in Western countries and around the world, have in many ways always given us an outlet for our imagination, just as the gods and demigods of ancient Greece and Rome once did. Celebrities are our myth bearers; carriers of the divine forces of good, evil, lust, and redemption. “The wish for kings is an old and familiar wish, as well-known in medieval Europe as in ancient Mesopotamia,” writes Lewis Lapham in his book The Wish For Kings.

As is the nature with the excess that can come with fame and fortune, countless musicians and artists have passed away young, either unable to handle the radical change in lifestyle or through other tragic means – be it natural causes or unavoidable accidents. Certain deaths have no doubt had a huge impact on how the industry has developed over time.

Looking at this harrowing prospect from a less morbid, and more legacy-based viewpoint, here is Mr. Mbaraka Mwinshehe Mwaruka who was no exception. He  spread Tanzanian music in Kenya, while also helping to change Kenyan music scene. He died in a hospital in Mombasa on or around 12th January,1979 apparently out of excessive loss of blood and lack of a donor at that moment. It was a dark day for Kenya, Tanzania and the whole of East African music scene and which his family and supporters still grieves. He was capable of generating a ferocious tone a truly great guitarist.

imageMbaraka Mwinshehe Mwaruka leader of the band The Morogoro Jazz Band was guitarist who created a sound that was a fusion of many different influences, including taarab, Kenyan benga, Cuban son (through soukous, also known as Congolese rumba), rhythm and blues, and British pop music.image***


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