LUCKY DUBE – Man In Mirror

“Man In The Mirror”

When I look in the mirror
It’s your face I see
Even when I go to sleep at night
It’s your face I see
You are the one to congratulate me
When I’ve done right
You are the last to criticize me
When I’ve done wrong
You are the star of my show
Oh… man… oh… man
I don’t know where to start to thank you
Everything I own I owe it to you

The man in the mirror

When there’s decisions
To be made
You leave it up to me
I leave it up to you
And whatever you decide is alright with me
Some people say you’re so difficult to live with
Oh my, oh my
But I know different
Follow me I’m right behind you
I don’t know where how to thank you
This happiness I have
I owe it all to you

Man in the mirror…

1992Lucky DubeSouth-Africa-map-c



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