BREAKING: Ruto secretly meets and apologizes to Raila, see what he told him


Deputy President William Ruto’s efforts to meet Raila bore fruits yesterday night after multiple attempts. The Premier agreed to meet Ruto in a city hotel so that he can seek political wisdom from the Prime Minister now that the ICC case against him is over.

At the hotel during the meeting, the Deputy President apologized to Raila for uttering baseless and senseless remarks against him saying it was only for political conveniency and not from the bottom of his heart.

Mzee najua saa ingine ninakukosea heshima kidogo but its nothing personal but political. Please pardon me for any unwarranted remarks that I may have made against you in the past” Said the DP.

You know you are our political pillar and mentor and we as a country, cannot afford to survive without you. Ingawaje saa ingine huwa unakuja rough kidogo, we still respect your sentiments. Who know, I might need you in the near future because of my Presidential ambitions. Please back me in 2017. I know you have a loyal class and if you back me, I’ll automaticall become President” Added Ruto.

During the talks, it is the DP who spoke more as the PM listened. The conclusion of the meeting is yet to be put public later.




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