BETTY speaks out after dumping OKARI, this is serious! she has just confirmed the WORST

image.jpegFriday, 29 April 2016 – KTN’s anchor, Betty Kyallo, has confirmed that she has been going through hell afer her much publicized marriage to Okari went to the dogs over infidelity.

The sultry talented anchor has hinted that she is done with Okari and is now re-building her life.

Besides deleting wedding photos and dropping her husband’s name, Betty has hinted that she is reconstructing her life.

Their marriage hit rock bottom after Betty realized that his estranged husband was involved in an illicit affair with a Mpango wa Kando in Nairobi. According to one of Betty Kyallo’s neighbours, she was given a dog’s beating late February by Okari after she drove home in a brand new Toyota Prado VX car that she had been given as a gift.

Okari assaulted her after a heated argument but luckily, neighbours came to her rescue before things got out of hand. Betty could be heard crying loudly.

She sought refuge at her sister’s home for one week before Okari wooed her back.

After going back to her matrimonial home, things went south again after they tried to reconcile and that’s when she decided to pack and go after getting yet another beating. Apparently, Okari enjoys beating up women.

On his part and in order to cover up the illicit affair, Okari accused Betty of sleeping around with Mombasa Governor, Hassan Joho. Joho is said to have  been spoiling Betty with expensive gifts among them a Toyota Prado VX and a house in Kilimani.

After taking leave from work for several weeks, she is now back and this is her message to Kenyans;

Mood: Happy 😉😉😉 It has not been easy but I’ve overcome 👊… You know the secret of change is not to focus your energy on fighting the old, but building the new. To my family, fans and true friends, thank you for your love and support. Nawapenda sanaaaaa! Happy Sunday to you all ❤️ #Unscathed #Grateful #GodsChild #StrongerThanEver #TeamHappiness #BackOnAirTomorrow😊😊😊





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