List of celebrities & TV anchors linked to a SATANIC church in Runda, SHOCKING!

image.jpegFriday, 29 April 2016 – Although it is no longer in the headlines like before, the infamous Finger of God Church that messed up the life of Esther Arunga is still operational.

According to inside sources at the satanic church, several local celebrities and TV anchors have been linked to the cult.

Citizen TV anchor, Lillian Muli, was a member but left after a brief stay. Esther Kahumbi and Cynthia Nyamai were approached by Esther Arunga to join the church with the promise of success when she was working at KTN but they declined.

NTV’s Managing Editor, Linuis Kaikai, was once a member of the church and he was always seen driving in and out of the church but he also left the cult after seeing the fate that befell Esther Arunga.

Jamila Mbugua and Peninah Karibe also used to attend Finger of God’s conferences at Lenana Conference Centre in Kilimani opposite DoD but they quit before being initiated to the cult.

Other celebrities who had been targeted and almost joined the cult before it was exposed in the media include former KTN anchor, Louis Otieno, Oscar Award winner, Lupita Nyong’o (when she was plying her trade in Kenya), Citizen TV’s Esther Kahumbi, CMB Prezzo and True Love’s Carol Mandi.

Classic 105 presenter, Maina Kageni, former anchor, Mwenda Kiogora, musician Kanji Mbugua, showbiz gurus, Big Kev and Big Ted, had already being recruited to the cult but majority of them have left.

The church is still operational in Runda in an eight bed-roomed house.





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