Bob Collymore addresses fraud allegations in the leaked confidential report

0fgjhs20nf83cqbah.0c09ee22On Saturday, May 7, Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore, held a press brief at his office’s board room. The elephant in the room was a series of allegations leveled by Cyprian Nyakundi that linked Collymore and several other parties to fraudulent activities.

On Friday, May 6, Nyakundi had written on his blog that the CEO’s career was on the hanging line.  He had, to support his allegations, a private forensic  report prepared by KPMG.

It is not clear at this point how the blogger came into the possession of the document which was termed private and confidential. A petitioner, Michael Ngugi alludes to the report saying that Kenya’s biggest company is riddled with discrepancies, fraud, governance malpractices among other accusations.

Speaking at the  brief earlier today, Collymore acknowledged the report but told journalists that the report was incomplete and could not be relied on:

“The draft report cannot be relied on, yes I know about the report because I commissioned it myself- but we cannot make conclusions from a report that is not the final copy, at this point the report which was unlawfully released implicates innocent people for malicious reasons,” Collymore said.

The unlawfully released report, Collymore said,  was seemingly a vendetta pushed by a disgruntled business person who was likely to have missed a Safaricom tender in times past.

“I stand in integrity, I was the first CEO to declare personal wealth because I believe in transparency and integrity. I do not involve myself in corrupt activities and I’m saddened by the allegations leveled against my person and the company as a whole,”  Collymore added.

Safaricom, in connection to the report released unlawfully and the allegations therein, was going to sue perpetrators once the police completed the investigation.

“Leaking private documents of Kenyan companies is unlawful and unethical, we shall get to the root of the whole issue once the police complete investigations. The originator of the said report shall be prosecuted in a court of law, “ Collymore revealed.

In the recent past Mr. Collymore has been accused of snatching someone’s wife without permission from her husband an issue which never went down well with many kenyans. Part of the problem was that, she had three kids with a different man. He has since married her in a private ceremony.  Many citizens see this as corruption by the CEO.

Safaricom was in 2015 embroiled in a law suit with Cyprian Nyakundi that saw the court block the blogger from posting on his portal, defamatory articles about Safaricom. The injunction does not however stop the blogger from writing about the company or its employees.

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