HOW to EMBARRASS Raila Odinga 101


By Kevin Omwanza via FB
How to embarrass Raila Odinga 101:

1. Make the burial ceremony of Mama Lucy Kibaki a family, invite-only affair.

2. Make seat reservations earlier on and make the respective persons aware, except Raila Odinga.

3. Wait until the eve of the burial ceremony to fax the communication that the former PM is also invited.

4. Sit and wait knowing pretty well the former PM won’t show up since the communique was deliberately sent on short notice.

5. Have a compromised media outlet take pictures and paste them everywhere with a caption: A Seat Reserved for Former Prime Minister Still Vacant.

6. Sit and hope the public will form the opinion the former PM does not commiserate with the bereaved.

7. Assasinate his beloved foot soldier the night before and cause him bitterness and sorrow.

Meanwhile, Lee Makwiny notes>>>
Kiplangat Abraham Mutai and other paid ‪#‎36Bloggers‬ are making noise about Raila Odinga decision to skip Lucy Kibaki burial. The same people clapped when Raila Odinga was humiliated by the president and his deputy during the requiem mass for the former first lady.

A protocol officer refused to acknowledge the presence of Raila Odinga. He refused to even utter his name.




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