Presidents Moi, Museveni, Salva Kiir, Kagame, Al-Bashir BOYCOTT Mama Lucy Kibaki FUNERAL

By P W
Trust the idle media to needlessly go overdrive with non-issues.
The Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga already paid his last respects to Mama Lucy at Consolata Church in Nairobi where the Jubilee government attempted to humiliate him through nonsesical protocol. Since that time, a stauch member of the CORD civil society has been eliminated in assasination. Mr. Jacob juma was killed on Thursday night at Lenana school by hired assasins.

Raila was Kibaki’s co-principal for five years, no one can change that. Jubilee swept that fact under the carpet and upset a lot of people including the mourning family.

1. Can the observant media post ex President Moi’s empty seat? They worked longer with Kibaki.

2. Can the observant media also post Museveni empty seat? He was after all a family friend to the Kibaki.

3. What about Sudan ‘s ICC fugitive Al-Bashir, was he not guest of honour when constitution was being promulgated in August 2010? Is he around Othaya.




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