The KILLING of Jacob Juma Confirms Raila the ONLY BOLD Luyha, the rest are COWARDS cannot organise even a peaceful DEMO


By Onyango Jnr

Something has been flogging my mind since comrade Jacob Juma was harvested by an assassin. Didn’t he have a tribe? are they deaf, blind, timid, passive or just purely indifferent? How can they just go and sleep feigning normalcy yet its one of their most illustrious sons we are talking about here. Surely!!!

I am proud to be a LUO & unapologetic about it. Gosh, your son is harvested in this horrendous manner and you people just go and sleep as if this was a dog ran over with a lorry on the streets for all you care!!!! This reminds me of a luo musician called Kabasellah who sang “Nyaka nene mama nyuola pok naneno makama”..

Even those luhyias who go around scaring everyone about their numbers, can’t they go to the president and demand immediate investigations into this atrocity or they are only good at holding Raila by the balls? AWUORO NDI wuod Koguta, Awuoro.

For the record Raila was among the first people to view the Late Jacob Juma’s body at Lee Funeral home few hours after his assassination. Raila immediately called on Kenyans to resist Jubilee regime’s anarchy. Raila told the world Police cannot be trusted to investigate the killing.

No luyha leader has come oit boldly to demand for answers, they could not even organise a simple peaceful demonstration even in his native Bungoma to demand for the arrest of the assassins.

Moses Wetangula, Oparanya, Ababu Namwamba, Khaniri, Mudavadi, Khalwale et al are all watching from a distance, what leadership is this?




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