HERE is Jacob Juma POSTMORTEM RESULTS, Confirms he was SHOT OUTSIDE the CAR, Tortured, had HAND injuries


Late Businessman Jacob Juma

By Cyrus Ombati
Businessman Jacob Juma was killed by two bullets which were shot at close range, his postmortem has revealed.

Juma also suffered serious damage to his right hand, an indication that he struggled with his killers.

The postmortem, which was conducted on Saturday, indicated that Juma was shot at close range in the chest from the front and the bullets exited through the back.

The team investigating the murder says that the car that Juma drove had no bullet holes in the windscreen.

“The only place the bullets hit was the driver-seat window. There is no way a bullet could penetrate the bulletproof window and ricochet to him in the chest. It is a puzzle,” said an officer aware of the probe.

This revelation gave weight to claims that Juma may have been shot outside the car and away from the scene where the vehicle was found.Some experts believe Juma was trailed by the killers, abducted and shot dead before his body was dumped at the scene.

But the officers handling the case said a team of officers who were patrolling the nearby forest heard gunshots near where the car was found, an indication he might have been killed there.

Those who saw the body first said Juma seemed to have struggled before he died. The car had at least five marks made by bullets directed at the driver’s seat. And because his car was bulletproof, the bullets ricocheted. This forced the killers to use a blunt object, probably a hammer to break the window.

Several people have questioned why nobody witnessed the incident happen considering the Ngong Road stretch where his body was found is usually busy, especially at that time. Police said the incident happened on Thursday at about 9.30pm, a time when traffic is still busy.

Police say a car carrying the gunmen first ambushed Juma as he drove to his Karen home before a motorbike whose rider was carrying a hammer arrived to smash the window pane.

Director of Criminal Investigations Ndegwa Muhoro has asked for patience as his team investigates the murder. “It seems to be a pure murder and we are exploring all angles and theories to ensure the killers are found,” he said.1-34





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