Bungoma ‘helicopter man’ gets offered a flight

Saleh-WanjalaBungoma man or “James Bond” of Bungoma who hanged on a helicopter carrying the body of slain businessman Jacob Juma could get a free flight after all.

Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu indicated that he was thinking about giving Saleh Wanjala a free trip.

“Help me out, should I pay for this guy a free ticket to one of our tourism destination so that he can have a feel of flying instead of risking his life… What do you think Kenyans?” Kabu posted on his Facebook account.

Two trips that Kabu suggested were five days in Dubai or Mombasa.

Many who commented on the post felt that could amount to rewarding stupidity. Some suggested that Kabu should take the man for mental check up instead. Others suggested he should be given a free flight anyway for being a live.

Helicopters can fly up to 8,000 feet above the sea level. In this case he never dropped to the ground by stayed on.

However, Kabu defended his idea saying that it was aimed at giving the Bungoma man exposure.

“Travelling to somewhere outside his locale will show him that there is more to life. You and I do not do such things because we are exposed,” said Kabu as published by eDaily on Monday, May 16.

Saleh Wanjala later said that he mistook the chopper for a matatu because he was drunk at the time of the Friday, May 13, incident.

He sustained some injuries when he eventually let go of the aircraft.

Bungoma County Commissioner Mohamed Malim said Wanjala would be charged with attempted suicide and endangering the lives of the people who were in the chopper.




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