Baba, while you were away’ activist injured in Cord protest

image.jpegHe made news in May 2014, when he welcomed Cord leader Raila Odinga with the ‘Baba, while you were away’ mantra.

Mr Odinga was arriving from the United States, where he had stayed for three months.

Moroko Mr Japheth Moroko caught the attention of Kenyans with the mantra that sought to update Mr Odinga on what had been going on while he was away.

“Baba, while you were away, they chased away investors and tourists. Baba, while you were away, they closed the lands offices.

“Baba, while you were away, they paid the Anglo Leasing thieves,” said Mr Moroko, one of the diehard Cord followers.

However, little is known about the man.

Mr Moroko made news again on Monday, when he was injured during protests by Cord, which is seeking the disbandment of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

In a series of pictures shared widely on the social media, Mr Moroko is seen seated on the tarmac just behind Mr Odinga.

Later, he is seen running from police officers, and one of the law enforcers catches up with him and beats him.

Mr Moroko was later taken to the Nairobi Hospital and Cord leaders visited him.

Mr Moroko told Nation’s SwahiliHub that he was born in Meru County, and that he is a businessman and an activist.

“I am the grandson of freedom fighter Musa Mariema, who was Dedan Kimathi’s deputy,” he said.

see the video from on Baba when you were away mandra which promoted him to become an activist!

Moroko, the grandson of freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi’s deputy, was later taken to Coptic Hospital for treatment where the CORD leaders visited him afterwards.

Japheth Moroko shot to fame in May 2014 when he listed a number of things that went wrong in the country when Raila Odinga was on a three month stay in the United States of America.

Using the phrase ‘baba (father) while you were away’, he told Raila of how the government had shut down some ministries, how investors and tourists avoided the country due to security issues, how the Chinese were coming in droves to Kenya with their own onions and sufurias to come and seep in containers and how the Anglo Leasing suspects were paid off.




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