Bungoma ‘James Bond’ charged for Jacob Juma’s chopper ride

Saleh-WanjalaThe man who hung on a helicopter that was carrying slain businessman Jacob Juma’s body on Friday has been charged.
Saleh Wanjala, 43, was charged with the crime of willingly and negligently impairing the safety of the aircraft and those on board.

The man nicknamed James Bond appeared at Bungoma law courts on Wednesday accused of risking the lives of the occupants of the aircraft.

On May 13, the accused hanged on the helicopter registration number 5YTXM captained by Emmanuel Siburai at Posta grounds.

Saleh, whose photos and movie like video went viral was charged alongside three other youths who were not before the court.
Principal magistrate Stephen Mungote said the action of the accused caused the pilot to land abruptly at the regions’ airstrip. He denied the charges.

Saleh’s lawyer Douglas Ombagi asked the court to give his client a free bond and allow him to go for medication before the case continues.

The lawyer said his client was still unwell.

Saleh, who went to court on a wheelchair, sustained serious injuries on his head, pelvic bone and broke his limbs.
Mungote granted the appeal and ordered Saleh, who hails from Mashambani area in the outskirts of Bungoma, to go for treatment.

The case will be mentioned on Friday, May 20, 2016.

Meanwhile, human rights activists in Bungoma have asked the State to set free the accused since “he did not do any offence”.
Job Bwonya said it was the responsibility of the police to offer maximum security to the plane so that residents cannot get to it.
“It was very unfair to arrest this man because it was the negligence of police who failed to secure the aircraft that particular day,” Bwonya said.

“There was no single police at the venue. We are wondering if this was because Jacob was a supporter of the Opposition,’’ he said.

Bwonya said that as human rights activists, they will assign Saleh a lawyer and ensure he is set free.

The Star has learnt that Saleh was among a group of ten youths who had been selected to carry Juma’s body once it was offloaded from the aircraft for public viewing.

However, the viewing did not take place following crowd trouble.
Rowdy youths made it difficult for the casket to be offloaded and had to be transported to Juma’s home in Mungore village.





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