SHOCK! KOOME, the first policeman to see JUMA’s body at the crime scene, has gone missing

imageWednesday May 18, 2016 – The ongoing investigations into the brutal assassination of city businessman Jacob Juma has been dealt a heavy blow.

The police officer, who was the first to arrive at the scene were Juma was allegedly shot dead by unknown assailants along Ngong Road, is nowhere to be found.

According to a sources, the police constable only identified as Koome, has gone missing under unclear circumstances and is presumed dead.

The source revealed that Koome is totally unavailable and untraceable, something that has even got the detectives investigating the Juma’s murder worried.

The mysterious disappearance of Koome, who was a key witness in Jacob Juma’s murder case, may jeopardize the probe and make it hard for his killers to be found just like was in the case of Robert Ouko, where a herder, Shikuku, who first discovered his charred remains in the forest vanished mysteriously and was never found.

Ouko’s killers were also never found.

Surprisingly, Koome’s disappearance has raised a lot of suspicions considering that it comes hours after Juma’s family demanded to know the police officer who was first on site and who discovered Juma’s body.





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