CONFIRMED: A top Jubilee leader was admitted at Nairobi Hospital

image.jpegSaturday May 21, 2016 – A senior Jubilee Government official was rushed to Nairobi Hospital on Wednesday evening after he collapsed at his home, a staff member has confirmed.

According to the staff member who requested anonymity, the official who was in a state described as “red blanket” was rushed to the hospital amid tight security by General Service Unit (GSU) officers and members of the elite Reece Squad.

The term red blanket is used in emergency terms to refer to rapid transfer protocol measures where a patient is taken from the ambulance directly to the operating theatre. The patient by-passes other basic procedures like checking one’s temperature, measuring height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate among others (basically triage)

The staff member said the Government official was taken to the VVIP part of the hospital where he was admitted for four hours while undergoing a check up. While all this was happening, GSU cordoned off a specific part of the parking lot and no vehicle and no one was allowed beyond that security line.

Nairobi Hospital’s VIP pavilion comprises of 12 suites made up of three presidential suites, six premier and three deluxe suites, all of which are ICU ready.

This has now cemented what Kenyans online speculated on Wednesday evening that a senior Jubilee Government official was hospitalised at the Nairobi Hospital.

Although, whispers around Kenya’s political circles indicated that the senior Jubilee Government leader was William Ruto who was rushed to Nairobi Hospital after he collapsed at his house in Karen, the hospital could not reveal his name out of what they describe as doctor-patient confidentiality.

This specific case was so ‘confidential’ to the extent that the patient was not checked in and his records were not even taken.

When the media rushed to Nairobi Hospital by six in the morning, the cordoned area had been cleared and security had been withdrawn.

How many Government officials have ‘massive’ security from Recce company? You can guess.




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