BREAKING: PS Interior Mr Karanja to RECEIVE Police Officers who quelled Demonstrations in Kisumu at Wilson Airport


Dennis Itumbi says : >>”NEWS ALERT: PS Interior Karanja Kibicho will be receiving 28 police officers injured during the riots in Kisumu at the Wilson Airport at 5pm today”

Now, this is a mockery to the victims of police brutality. It is not clear how officers were injured, by who and when.

Itumbi’s brief post does not confirm the officers that shot dead peaceful anti-IEBC demonstrators will also be accorded the honour of being received by a top Uhuru government official.

Here are some of the reactions to Dennis Itumbi’s post on his Facebook timeline>

Onyango Jr.:> What about the THREE CIVILIANS killed!!!! The grave will receive THEM? But I am not surprised its KARANJA KIBICHO, reminds me of blood being THIKA. Meanwhile who received KDF injured SOLDIERS, what about the ones INJURED DAILY by thugs on the streets? Who receives them!!!! Karanja KIBICHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Michael Okoth
:>>And who will be receiving the dead bodies those thugs killed in Siaya and Kisumu?

Douglas Dmx is that news or pure shit, pple died n u r talking of injuries,

Mukuru Wa Kimeruu Machumaa :>>So we had a Riot in Kisumu and not demostrations ?Propaganda will not stop our efforts to demostrate until IEBC is gone .
Gauo Gilbah itumbi ua sycophancy has reached critical levels, sasa muone daktari plz, n ask him to recommend lighter duties for u.

Frank Musundi y receive them, thy shud go to war memorial hospital just the way the injured civilians went to hospital n the dead were taken to the morgue

Johnwill K Mabinda
: And you say we have forces,beter them,they are injured by stones our brothers whom they sprayed with bullets will soon be laid to rest,being cord suporters they are not recognised by sycophant Itumbi as Kenyans!

Liz Queen :>Hahaha… I laughed when I saw this. …. CORD issues a press release complaining of the death of “peaceful” Demonstrators… Shortly after that, it’s announced that the PS is receiving injured police officers from The Kisumu demonstration….. It feels like a very funny competition. it’s like watching children compete

Ken Ambula
: You want to justify the use of live bullets! You are trying to fool Kenyans here. Kwani there are no hospitals in Kisumu where these officers can be treated? So since getting injured yesterday they were waiting to be airlifted to Nairobi today? You guys really take Kenyans for fools. No police was injured in Kisumu, this is pure propaganda..2-54-740x40013237700_1066912586702334_52489881062696343_n13244767_1066912540035672_5929027776604721205_n13263662_1066912556702337_1262625613745222398_n13267752_1066912533369006_8561685942119258653_n

Anti-riot police along Kenyatta Avenue in Kisumu town during the anti-IEBC protests in which they used live bullets on protestors. PHOTO/JUSTUS OCHIENG


This innocent person shot dead at Tivoli Center Kisumu. According to eye witnesses, AAR Ambulance KCD567s picked the body. Uhuru is killing people in Kisumu.



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