Raila seeks Magufuli’s help to free Don Bosco Gichana

Don Bosco Gichana, a 32 year old businessman who caused a stir when he became one of the few Kenyans to import a gas guzzling Hummer sport utility vehicle in 2007 for supreme CORD leader Raila Odinga was arrested in April 2013 by Tanzanian security agents in Arusha and later transferred to Dar es Salaam where he was held before being transferred again to Arusha main prison.

Gichana runs several entertainment spots in Nairobi including Capri Seven. He also contested for a parliamentary seat in Kisii county on a CORD ticket in last month’s election and lost.

Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) leader Raila Odinga has pledged to help free his ally Don Bosco Gichana from a Tanzanian jail.

In a message passed to Don Bosco Gichana’s family through Kitutu Masaba MP Timothy Bosire, Raila said the process was at an advanced stage.

“He (Raila) told me negotiations to have Don Bosco Gichana released are at an advanced stage. He asked for patience,” said Bosire as quoted by The Star.

Bosire was addressing mourners during the burial of Don Bosco Gichana’s mother in Kisii county on Friday, May 20.

According to the lawmaker, Raila is in talks with Tanzanian President John Magufuli to secure Don Bosco Gichana’s release.

Gichana has been at the Arusha Main Prison since 2013. He was first charged before Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s court in Dar es Salaam with fraudulently obtaining US$4.9 million. He was charged again in 2015 with money laundering before an Arusha court.

His relationship with Raila dates back several years ago. He is the one who donated a Hummer H3 sport utility vehicle (SUV) to Raila before the 2007 general election.

In the 2013 general election, Don Bosco Gichana was in the race for the Kitutu Chache South MP seat. He lost to Richard Onyonka.

It remains to be seen if President Magufuli, who has been pushing for the strict following of the law in Tanzania, will have any influence in Gichana’s case. The president and Raila are well known long-term friends.

The president Magufuli and Raila Odinga (seen here) are well known long-term friends.

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