Tension and SUSPICION in Kisumu and Siaya Police Stations as officers FEAR attacks by colleagues


As received in our email box:

Dear KT,

I am an administration police officer attached to one the sub county station here in Kisumu. Yesterday as our colleagues left for specialised treatment in Nairobi a bad rumour started circulating in the police lines, we dont know if its true of its just rumours. Please don’t reveal my identity.

Word doing round in the police lines is that some officers (our colleagues) have been asked to target and clobber to death at least three or four officers and also injure others in the upcoming demos next week in order to justify deployment of extra GSU officers and KDF to manage the anti-iebc protestors by teaching the residents a life long lesson. Everybody is scared here and and we are suspicious of our colleagues especially those that brag to have godfathers in OP and vigilance house.
Please publish and circulate widely, we don’t want bloodshed in Kisumu or any other part of our country.

Thank sir/madam

Afande Mpenda peace!

Well, admn cannot verify authenticity of the above email but it is worth sharing for public good especially after an MP allied to the ruling coalition blamed police for not shooting more people in Kisumu and Siaya. Some officers have also been spotted during the demonstration wearing masks meaning they don’t want their true identity captured by cameras.





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