Why RAILA ODINGA is spending sleepless nights over NAMWAMBA – RUTO in the mix

Ababu-NamwambaSaturday May 28, 2016 – Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) leaders are worried with the behaviour exhibited by ODM Secretary General, Ababu Namwamba, who has been conspicuously missing from most of CORD’s events.

According to a senior ODM official, CORD leader, Raila Odinga, is very worried over the ‘disappearance’ of Namwamba from ODM and CORD’s activities.

Ababu was spotted in Kisii on Monday during CORD’s anti IEBC protests but he never spoke anything like he used to 8 months ago.

“Jakom is worried about the behaviour of Namwamba. He has not been attending meetings, nor has he been seen to be enthusiastic about the party,” the source said.

The source said Namwamba has been working secretly with Jubilee leaders especially Deputy President William Ruto who is his close friend.

An ODM MP who requested anonymity also said that Ababu’s absence from CORD’s activities was only helping the Jubilee Coalition.

“The reality is that the slower we move, the more Jubilee gains,” the MP said

Raila is said to be considering sacking Namwamba as ODM Secretary General since he has realised that he is working with Jubilee in planning his downfall.





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