EXCLUSIVE: USA Ambassador Godec Met and ‘BEGGED’ Raila to END Anti-IEBC Protests.Former PM said Protests BEYOND his control.

1-165-1024x683According to the information received, USA Ambassador Godec in good faith is said to have met with CORD leader Raila Odinga on Saturday at his residence in Karen, Nairobi where he is said to have prevailed upon the former premier to delay resumption anti-IEBC protests. CORD had put off the weekly protests to give President Uhuru time to come to the negotiating table.

Ambassador Godec is said to have told Raila that president Uhuru will come to the negotiating table after consulting with his side of the coalition. Godec wanted the CORD to allow Jubilee more time to put its house in order.

PM Raila is said to have told the USA ambassador that Jubilee had acted in bad faith by insisting that, the two did not discuss matters IEBC last week. “Jubilee lost our goodwill, they acted in bad faith and therefore the protests by Kenyans are in order and should be continued”- the former PM is alleged to have emphasized.

He told Godec to spend more time talking to Uhuru because he is the one with issues, CORD is already in the negotiating table and therefore better direct your energies to the government.



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