72% of Kenyans want IEBC commissioners to leave office – Survey


Majority of Kenyans do not trust IEBC with the management of 2017 general elections, pollster Ipsos said in latest findings released on Tuesday.

It emerged in the study that less than 40 per cent of the population across six regions hold the opinion that IEBC can conduct credible polls.

Only Central and Rift Valley regions have confidence in the electoral body at 58 and 56 per cent ratings respectively.

According to the findings, 72% of Kenyans are of the opinion that replacing the electoral body’s commissioners would increase the level of confidence in the agency.

The survey stated that there appears to be some form of broadened thinking amongst the Kenyan citizenry.

“This is evidenced by the fact that 12% are of the opinion that the alleged corrupt IEBC officials should be prosecuted whilst a minority (5%) suggest that the composition of the IEBC commissioners ought to include a representative from the main political parties,” Hilda Kiritu, Ipsos director public affairs, said.

In a statement, the poll revealed that Western has the lowest confidence levels in the IEBC at 19% followed by Nyanza at 28%.

The other regions are; Coast (29%), Eastern (39%), Nairobi (38%) and North Eastern (38%).

In regards to the protests that are being fronted by Cord to force IEBC commissioners out of office, the survey showed that majority of Kenyans (75%) are aware of the demonstrations.

“This can be attributed to the extensive media coverage of the demonstrations as well as the resultant violence and damage to property,” the report noted.

Interestingly, the report said, despite the high level of awareness of the protests, only 30% of Kenyans who are aware support them.

Comparably, Jubilee stronghold regions have the lowest levels of support for the demonstrations with Central polling 14% while Rift Valley and North Eastern reported 24% and 27% respectively.

Cord strongholds have the highest number of supporters for the demos.

The Coast region leads at 49 per cent whereas Nyanza follows with 44 per cent support both with a 72 per cent awareness level.

Western and Eastern follow a distant with 35 and 32 support levels respectively, compared to 79 and 76 per cent awareness levels respectively.

Nairobi and North Eastern follow each other closely with 26 and 27 per cent support levels respectively.

The awareness levels in residents in Nairobi and North Eastern stand at 87 and 70 per cent respectively.

The report noted that the perceived business losses reported in Nairobi would explain the low levels of support for the demonstrations in the city despite the high level of awareness.

“Only 26 per cent of City residents support the protests,” the survey, which targeted population for this survey was Kenyans aged 18 years and above, revealed.

Data for the survey funded by Ipsos was collected from 2184 respondents through phone interviews between June 4 and June 7, 2016.




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