Nkaissey on SPOT after Hon Kamanda’s HIRED GANG Caused HAVOC in CBD, DUMPED Scrap Metal at Raila Office as Police Watched at Distance

image By P W
That a fascist mob of hired hooligans, led by two MPs, some among them armed with machettes and God-knows-what-other-crude-weapons, can march across Nairobi’s CBD, harass members of the public, hold demonstrations at key government installations without having given prerequisite notice to police as required by law, not hand any petition then march on to CORD headquarters at Upper Hill and dump this piece of scrap metal before walking away speaks volumes about Kenya police hypocrisy and double standards.

This country does not have the same law enforcement standards for everyone. The demo is further rumoured to have been infiltrated by armed policemen in plain clothes just to ensure the protestors are safe from any CORD youth who may have been standing by to counter them. There was no teargas and water canons today. Not a single spacesuit clad AP today. The malfeasance by those in authority has been duly noted.





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