Raila Odinga survives road accident

CORD leader Raila Odinga was reported to have survived an attempt on his life on Wednesday, June 8, 2016

CORD leader Raila Odinga was reported to have survived an attempt on his life on Wednesday, June 8, 2016 after a public service vehicle hit his car on the side he sits.

According to his Director of Communications, Philip Etale, the incident was kept hushed as the driver was arrested and later released.

“Police have kept this incident quiet. CORD wants to make it clear that no amount of intimidation or public pronouncements that have no constitutional bearing will stop them from pushing the government to agree to dialogue on reforms in the IEBC,” wrote Etale.

This is not the first time it is reported that there was an alleged attempt on the life of the former prime minister.

On Monday, May 16, 2016, another of his vehicles was shot at during the CORD anti-Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission demonstrations in Nairobi.

Raila’s personal assistant Dennis Onyango posted this photo on his Facebook page claiming that Raila’s vehicle windscreen “was shattered by a bullet.”

The police questioned why Raila had not presented his car for ballistic questioning after it was claimed that the police shot at the vehicle and posted the picture on social media.

“They made it appear that the wind screen had been smashed by an object like a stone,” speculated a number of CORD leaders and supporters.

Another incident which emerged was a video posted online in September 2014 showing a number of Jubilee leaders and supporters having a good time as one of them threatened to kill Raila Odinga for being a thorn in the government’s side.

Paul Kobia- the Executive Director of Jubilee Alliance Party of Kenya threatened to silence Raila if he did not cool down his ambitions.

The video showed that he was addressing a ‘press conference’ to others in the room who included Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko, singer Jaguar, Kiambu county Governor William Kabogo, two renown televangelists including Allan Kiuna and others.

The threats were however clear that Kobia insisted Raila take a back seat or dish out millions of shillings if he really wanted to run the country- otherwise, he demanded that Raila respect President Uhuru Kenyatta.




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