Briton charged with murder of woman



A Briton arrested following the death of a woman from a gunshot wound has been charged with murder.

Mr Richard Alden who appeared in the High Court on Friday, will be held in custody until June 16 when his bail application will be heard.

Mr Alden denied killing Ms Grace Wangechi Kinyanjui, 42, at his house in Karen on June 4.

First reports indicated Ms Kinyanjui was playing with the firearm when she accidentally shot herself but investigators have ruled this out, resulting in the murder charge.

In an affidavit, Mr Alden said he should be freed on bond as he is a father of three and has an ailing mother who depend on him.

“I am presently facing allegations of murder and, however grave the allegations may be, it cannot be a basis to deny me my basic rights,” the affidavit reads.

His lawyer, Mr Cliff Ombeta, said Mr Alden has been in custody since June 4 after being arrested.

“My family solely depends on me and they will suffer if I continue to be detained,” Alden states in the affidavit.

Mr Ombeta said that the suspect was willing to abide by any conditions the court may peg to his bond terms.

Police launched a murder inquiry after doctors reportedly found Ms Kinyanjui had injuries on her fingers that raised suspicion.

A lawyer had argued that the deceased shot herself while taking a “selfie”.

Prosecutors told the judge that Mr Alden had been taken for psychiatric examination and declared fit to stand trial.

Ms Grace Wangechi Kinyanjui, 42, was killed in Nairobi by Mr Richard Alden shown above. They were in a illicit affair.  




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