Shots fired as Jubilee supporters try to disrupt Raila’s meeting, Nakuru

1-72 (1)Police officers were forced to shoot in the air to disperse Jubilee supporters who wanted to interfere with Raila Odinga meeting in Nakuru.

The youth mostly boda boda riders carried placards and demanded that the Cord leader leave the town immediately.

“They chanted anti-Raila slogans as they marched towards where the Cord leader was holding a closed-door meeting with party officials along Kabarak road”, a witness told the star on phone.

The witness said the riders were led by some MCAs from Nakuru.

Raila arrived in Nakuru on Saturday morning for political rally at the Mkarafuu grounds.

The protests comes just hours after the Nakuru governor Kinuthia Mbugua said he will not allow anti-IEBC demonstrations in the county, terming them as a “recipe for chaos”.

“Those leaders who are in their 70’s are using demos for selfish interests and it is very shameful to see them being chased by police officers almost the age of their sons,” Mbugua said.

He said “we have seen those behind these protests are keen to destroy property”.

Noting that Cord is trying to dodge the constitution, Mbugua asked why the coalition called for fresh protests even after the government agreed to its dialogue demands.

Cord had notified police of their plan to continue with ” peaceful demonstrations ” next week, even after the government’s directive banning protests.

“The Cord principals are jobless and idle as well as the youth,” Mbugua added when he addressed a publicin Naivasha after opening the Sunnyhill Hotel.

Raila is expected to convince the Nakuru supporters to join in the protests that will now take place on Monday and Thursdays .




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