Ababu Namwamba Claims he is FRUSTRATED in ODM, to continue hanging out with UhuRuto

imageAfter receiving millions of shillings from the Jubilee to scatter the opposition, Ababu Namwamba has broken his long silence with remarks on his tenure as ODM secretary general and claims he is a Jubilee mole.

The Budalang’i MP said his last 18 months as the party’s secretary general have been “very frustrating”.

Ababu said “all hell broke loose” and that there was “Kisirani in Kasarani” just as he was about to be overwhelmingly voted in.

“There were people who didn’t want me elected because of this mole business,” he said.

The ODM MP has denied allegations he is a Jubilee mole saying this conclusion cannot be drawn simply because he sat with leaders of the ruling coalition to discuss development.

Ababu said he does not want to work in an environment in which he is “merely tolerated” but that he is not worried as he “shoots from the hip”.

“I want to serve in an environment where I am appreciated. There are people who survive on intimidating others,” he said during a Citizen TV interview on Tuesday.

But he noted that he knew what he would be up against when he went for the position.

“I started ODM reloaded and ODM fresh later, composed of people ready to give the party fresh impetus. It is difficult to implement progress when there is a lot of resistance,” he said.

The MP further said not all projects and ideas from members were allowed to thrive.

“I acknowledge the challenges I continue to face but I am no slave. It is mature politics to engage rivals at times,” he said.

“How many times have I seen Cord leader Raila Odinga with the president?” he posed.

Regarding his long absence from the public, the MP said even great generals take some time off the war . He said he has not changed contrary to public speculation.

The MP said: “Ababu has not changed he has just matured and become better. He is more focused. The fire in the belly of Ababu still burns deep within the political arena.”

“The Ababu of today is a now more balanced politician. Actually they say wine only gets better with age.”  He said.

Namwamba who is said to have been paid millions to scatter the ODM party by the jubilee appeared confused.

Mr. Namwamba who is also said to have made millions of shillings as the chairman of the PAC and is known to own a big house in Budalangi Constituency. According to people familiar with his situation, he acquired most of it with ill gotten wealthy after compromising the opposition for personal gain. Mr. Namwamba is also known to ride in Helicopters after eating bread where it is buttered the most!

“No one forces Ababu to do that which he does not desire to do…I also don’t know how to pretend. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I do that which my conscience is very clear about,” Namwamba emphatically stated recently.

In a quick rejoiner some ODM supporters have dismissed him and said he is not missed and supporters have forgotten about him. ODM is stronger than Mr. Namwamba.  “He can tour taj mahal and anywhere he wishes. He can hangout with whoever and take selfies.”

“The only thing ODM supporters will miss about him is his sharp dress code and flamboyance.” They suggest at this juncture he joins a CONGOLESE BAND.

imageimageababu4Ababu-NamwambaAbabu-21Ababu-1Ababu 2




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