EXCLUSIVE: HOW Moses Kuria and other MPs SPENT their NIGHT at Pangani Police Station


We can now confirm that all the male legislators were held at Pangani police station while their female counterpart were are at Muthaiga police station.

The magistrate Mr Ogembo had directed that the eight be held in various police stations including Kilelenshwa, Muthangari, Muthaiga and Pangani and but as some MPs were being driven to Kileleshwa police station it is said alleged that a call came from above (DP Ruto who directed that they be held in the worse of the police stations.

At Pangani police station the Jubilee politicians were given a VIP treatment with both getting fresh beddings , allowed to shower and outside catering, fresh cloths and access to family and friends.

Hon Kuria, Ngunjiri and Hon Waititu are loaming freely in the station, laughing and meeting their family members and friends and were even overhead saying that hii ni mambo kidogo.

The three ODM MPs Hon Bosire, Hon Junet and Senator Muthama on the hand were denied basics- No external food, No special sleeping/beddings and no access to family and friends, no bathing, no change of cloths

Hon Junet Mohammed is the one suffering most being holy month of Ramadhani the Suna East MP was not given even a mat to do his duha (prayers)- that is inhuman!

The police Station is heavily guarded and police on duty openly tell those visiting CORD MPs that there is an order from above to deny the CORD legislators some privilege even when it is obvious that they are held on trumped up charges.13465930_655496587935908_9184325340491046120_n




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