We have a DEAL with Uhuru on IEBC, Joint Committee to be Set Up – Hon James Orengo CONFIRMS

Negotiations over the IEBC standoff are nearly complete, Cord announced on Sunday.

In a statement, the coalition said that there were signs of white smoke above the political scenes following a near agreement with Jubilee on the contentious issues of the electoral commission.

Senator James Orengo said they have made great milestones in the discussions around the disputed electoral process.

He said there was a likelihood of a bipartisan motion to trigger the process of dialogue being mooted.

“The motion to establish a joint select committee of Parliament can be tabled this week,” Orengo said.

“It is no longer about substance but form and a very secondary component thereof,” he said.

The development, Orengo said, would mean that demonstrations against the IEBC remain suspended.

“The protests are called off until further notice in the light of this development,” he said.

The Cord convener said that they look forward to establish a joint committee with the full weight of the coalitions and the Kenyan people behind it.

“The committee should be ready by 24th June.” Orengo said.

Deputy President William Ruto said on Sunday that the Jubilee side is ready for dialogue.

He also said that the sticking issues had been dealt with.





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