NCIC chairman Francis Ole Kaparo chased away by MPs, residents like a stray dog.

NCIC boss Francis Ole Kaparo speaks with Muhoroni MP James K’Oyoo and his Nyando counterpart Fred Outa after his meeting was temporarily disrupted by residents of Kopere village, Kisumu county on June 22, 2016. Photo/ Maurice Alal

National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) chairman Francis Ole Kaparo was on the morning of Thursday, June 23, chased away by residents and two MPs from the disputed Sohgor area in the Kisumu-Nandi border like a stray dog.

The residents even turned wild against Kaparo, prompting his security detail to whisk him away to safety.

Kaparo had arrived at Sohgor to have talks with the residents from the Nandi and the Luo communities who have been fighting over cattle rustling.

However, led by Nyando MP Fred Outa and his Muhoroni counterpart Onyango Koyoo, the residents heckled Kaparo every time he tried to talk to them, with some even threatening to beat him up should he continue addressing them.

Kaparo’s pleas to the two legislators bore no fruit as they told him to leave the place immediately.

“Honourable MPs please allow me to send my message to the people because they are also mine. I came here because they are crying and I will do what has to be done to ensure that what is hurting them is resolved,” Kaparo pleaded.

But Outa told him he was not going to address the people because it was a third time the Nyando residents had been ejected from their homes.

The MPs also claimed that the Jubilee government has been helping residents from the Nandi region and neglecting those from the Kisumu side.

They claimed that government lorries supplied food to the Nandi residents and avoided those on the Kisumu side.

“The police vehicle has taken food across to feed the Kalenjin and not us. This cannot be allowed to happen,” Koyoo said as quoted by Citizen.

The clashes between the two communities have led to the killing of two people so far.

Many others have been displaced and are seeking refuge in the nearby churches.

The government has deployed heavy security presence in the area in a bid to contain the situation.

The dispute apparently erupted when unknown people attacked the home of Bishop Abuto Ogacho at Kopere Village in Muhoroni and stole 16 heads of cattle.

Here is the video courtesy of Citizen TV:




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