Itumbi resurfaces from the cold to issue ultimatum on Uhuru story – Bizzare



In what appears to be a bizarre situation, Blogger Dennis Itumbi has threated to sue an international publication (New York Times) for defamation and malicious claims in a story about President Uhuru Kenyatta’s case at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Mr Itumbi, who has reportedly been suspended as director of digital communications at State House, in a letter from his lawyer, Chelanga & Advocates, demanded that New York Times retracts and apologises for linking him to the case.

Mr Itumbi, through his lawyer, gave the publication seven days to fulfill the demands failure to which he will institute “proceedings against you for 1) defamation and 2) malicious falsehood”.

In a letter to the media house on Thursday, Itumbi’s lawyers said the “offending words” were false.


“You did not contact our client to comment on the issue contrary to your assertions. Your publication was therefore malicious and part of your sustained policy and your self-serving vendetta,” reads the letter in part.

According to a disclaimer published in the New York Times Story, the President’s office “did not respond to requests to comment for the article.”

The lawyer added that the publication’s intention was to injure Mr Itumbi’s reputation by portraying him as a person who interfered with the ICC witness protection.

Mr Itumbi argues that the words used by New York Times were understood that he, “exposed ICC witnesses; killed, abducted and enforced disappearance of ICC witnesses; bribed ICC witnesses; interfered with administration of justice; sabotaged the situation of the Republic of Kenya in the ICC; is corrupt; is a criminal; does not merit his current employment; was rewarded with employment after exposing and interfering with ICC process; is dishonest; and is unfit to hold public office and much less in the office of the President.”


The letter adds that Mr Itumbi’s reputation and standing as a public servant has been seriously damaged.

“He has suffered considerable distress and embarrassment to himself, his career, his calling, and his family,” added the letter.

Mr Itumbi and three other directors were suspended on Wednesday after President Uhuru Kenyatta disbanded the Presidential Service Communication Unit. They have all remained mum over the matter.

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Uhuru Kenyatta is said to have schemed heavily to have key witnesses killed in a web of political assassination which has been ongoing since 2007.  International Criminal Court (ICC) heavily relied on to prosecute and jail President Uhuru Kenyatta (seen here) who in turn eliminated witnesses at the earliest opportunity in order to get Scott free.
Mungiki leader Maina Njenga being escorted by police who were investigating a number of murders committed by the terror group. Read more >>>Ex-Mungiki leader Maina Njenga survives gun attack as five killed


Mungiki’s political wing spokesman Mr Njuguna Gitau in a file picture. He was gunned down by unknown assailants in downtown Nairobi on November 5, 2009. >>>Read more Mungiki leader killed in Nairobi
Mr John Kituyi, 63, the owner of the regional Mirror Weekly, was attacked by a gang riding on two boda bodas as he walked to his Pioneer Estate home at around 7.30pm. >>>Read more
Meschak Yebei a key witness against Uhuru Kenyatta went missing on a visit to see his son and pregnant wife in western Kenya >>> Read more  Kenyan body confirmed as ICC witness Meshack Yebei
Justice, Costitution and National Cohension Minister Mutula Kilonzo delivering his remarks at a two day conference on””Citizenship and Development, reflection on Change in Kenya” sponsored by European Union represented by Swedish Ambasador Ann Dismorr and opened by Prime Minister Raila Odinga at Hilton hotel. Picture: Anthony Anthony Kamau.  
Hon. Mutula was set to testify at the ICC against President Uhuru Kenyatta. Mutula Kilonzo died mysteriously at his ranch in Maanzoni, Machakos County. He was not sick or suffering at the time of his death. His death shocked many people and was mourned by Kenyans of all walks of life. The cause of his death were scanty at the time of his death but it is widely suspected to have been assassination through poisoning. Shortly before his death, On March 28, 2013 after being sworn-in as Senator for Makueni, Mutula said, during a short interview with the standard news reporter, that he had information that if published in the media, would cause panic and mayhem in the country. Kenyans must worry, what was the secret, what dossier was Mutula talking about? If indeed it could shake Kenyans and burn down Standard Group Limited as he said then obviously that involves powerful people/institution that if rattled cannot hesitate to bite! >>> Read more 
Major-General (retired) Hussein Ali who was said to have been offered freedom in exchange for testifying against Uhuru.



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