BREAKING: ODM Hon Ababu Namwamba aka diaper man CONFIRMS he will DECAMP to Jubilee AFFILIATE LPK

imageThe Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Secretary General and Budalangi Member of Parliament aka diaper man Ababu Namwamba has hinted at leaving the party just a day after promising to work with other party official to ensure victory in 2017.

Speaking at a funeral in Bunyala, the Budalangi MP stated that he will not be cowed by anyone.

“When someone disrespects me, they disrespect the Budalangi people. We are free people, we are not slaves to any person. We make our decisions in a free manner. Very soon, I will open my heart and tell you what way to go,” said Namwamba.

The MP warned political leaders against peddling lies to the public.

“There is no one more special than the other. Let us respect each other. Where there is no respect, there can be no relationship. We are a free people, we can make independent people, and we can decide whatever we decide without any external influence,” said Namwamba.

Many leaders from the ODM party have criticised Namwamba saying he has distanced himself from the party and accusing him of working more with the Jubilee coalition after being paid off under the table.

“I will not allow anyone to stifle me, telling me I cannot go there, you cannot speak to this person, this one cannot be your friend. You want everyone to be your friend but you cannot allow others to have friends. You want to have a network but you don’t want others to have a network?”

Namwamba put on the spot over his absence from party affairs including the anti-IEBC marches to the electoral body offices at Anniversary Towers in Nairobi and the public meetings held after the death of businessman Jacob Juma.

The Budalangi MP was also accused of calling on ODM supporters to vote for individuals and not parties in the next elections with the ODM hierarchy saying this would impede the party’s efforts to have a six piece vote.

Ababu Namwamba who is said to have been paid millions to scatter the ODM party by the jubilee appeared confused.

Mr. Namwamba who is also said to have made millions of shillings as the chairman of the PAC and is known to own a big house in Budalangi Constituency. According to people familiar with his situation, he acquired most of it with ill gotten wealthy after compromising the opposition for personal gain. Mr. Namwamba is also known to ride in Helicopters after eating bread where it is buttered the most!





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