Raila gets RED CARPET Reception in VIHIGA, Hon Otichillo SHAMES DP Ruto and Ababu by HOSTING the CORD Leader

1-106.jpgRaila Odinga arrived in Vihiga to a red carpet reception, at the front-line to receive the CORD leader was Hon Wilbert Otichillo whom Ababu Namwamba had claimed was part of the renegade group that is heading to Jubilee. It is becoming apparent that Hon Namwamba is a lone ranger with his Jubilee backed Luyha Unity.

On Friday DP Ruto told Kalenjins that Jubilee had dispatched Ababu Namwamba to engineer mass exodus of Luyha voters to Jubilee.

The former PM is currently holding a consultative forum with ODM grassroots leaders/delegates and opinion leaders before he address a public rally later today. Raila will use the opportunity to draw attention to social and economic issues like education, the plight of are maize and small-scale tea and coffee farmers who have been hit by poor seeds and low-quality fertilizers, unemployment and border conflicts in addition to the effects of national economic policy like increased taxes on petroleum products on struggling rural populations.

Raila will also make a pitch for strengthening of devolved units and cooperation between neighbouring counties to enable them benefit from economies of scale. He will also emphasize the need for county governments to pursue prudent use of resources at their disposal.
… see photos1-1051-1062-33 (1)2-332-343-213-224-114-125-9




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