The SHOCKING story of the man RECCE killed as an AL SHABAAB terrorist in Kapenguria!

imageMonday July 18, 2016 – Six police officers were killed last Thursday by a man suspected to be an Al Shabaab terrorist who attacked a police station in West Pokot only later to turn out to be a cop.

The police mistakenly identified the lone Al Shabaab terrorist attacker as Omar Eumod (an inmate on terror related charges in the photo below) who ambushed a Report Officer at Kapenguria Police Station early in the morning and snatched his gun killing at least six police officers in cold blood.

image.jpeg (See the erroneous statement below)
image.jpeg They indicated that the terrorist, who had earlier been arrested over terror-related activities, reportedly grabbed a rifle from one of the officers on duty and began shooting indiscriminately.

He took the entire police station under siege forcing the rest of the officers to take cover as civilians scampered for safety.

But what is the truth?

The ‘al Shabaab terrorist’ turned out to be a disgruntled police officer known as Constable AbdiHakim Maslah but some people point out that his messages on social media may have led the police and intel guys to believe that he was associated with the Somalia based rag tag, Al Shabaab.

See some of his posts below.



AbdiHakim was killed by our very own Recce commandos after eight hours of gun battle with the local law enforcement officers.

The elite unit was deployed to Kapenguria from Nairobi aboard a chopper and only took 10 minutes to subdue the gunman before they killed him like a rat.


The police rectified their mistake later and released this statement





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