Solid Waste Management in Kenya- the role of waste reclaimers

Environmental Sustainability- MY Responsibility

Solid waste management is a fundamental prerequisite in ensuring sustainable environment. It is the collection, transportation, processing, recycling and/ or disposal of solid waste. Solid waste is the material arising from various human activities normally solids or semi-solids – considered as useless or unwanted. Waste generation rates vary according to: Geographical place, Season of the year, collection frequency, characteristic of the population and extent of salvaging.

Urbanization has transformed solid waste into a major public health and environmental concern in our urban areas. This is especially tough on the urban poor who are left to deal with waste disposal on their own. The lack of support in waste management has serious consequences on their health & on the urban environment.
To ensure sustainable environment and reduction of solid waste through source separation of the valuable material and recycling them, these communities are often forced to come up with ways of…

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