Rapper Prezzo goes hard on Alai after tarnishing President Uhuru’s name (Photos)

Robbert Alai

The Robbert Alai – Prezzo’s social media war seems to have taken a new turn after the blogger connected Prezzo’s Saturday’s arrest to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Alai took to Facebook to call out Uhuru Kenyatta for not intensifying the war on drugs and for sparing “petty drug peddlers like Prezzo.”

“Intimidating Embakasi Police to release Prezzo is not the right thing,” said Alai in the post.


“Prezzo is peddling drugs and trying to use the same to destroy our youth in Embakasi. It’s sad that the President is the one encouraging such delinquents to destroy our young ones. I am so disgusted,”

The rapper was arrested after trying to force a resident of Nyayo Estate, a KQ pilot, Stanley Kipchumba to give him a lift to town.

According to Alai’s report, who is the Chairman of Nyayo Estate Welfare, the rapper was high on drugs and should have been locked up after the incident but the president ensured otherwise.

“Mr. President the taka taka who is your friend, Jackson Makini aka Prezzo, should be in jail,” he said.
Prezzo, on the other hand, thought Alai was crossing the line by bringing the president’s name.

“Shame on this idiot,” commented Prezzo in the post.

“What gives you the right to write baseless stories all in the name of tarnishing president Uhuru’s name? Your thong is too tight you need to do something about it.”

The rapper will appear in court on Thursday, July 21, 2016.

Uhuru Kenyatta is accused of condoning the war on drugs to destroy communities in Kenya. Alai told Uhuru recently, “Mr. President the taka taka who is your friend, Jackson Makini aka Prezzo, should be in jail,” he said.
Rapper Prezzo is accused of destroying the communities through drug use in Nairobi. Every chance he gets, he must be drunk or using drugs with cigars and cigarettes. 



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