Respect Me and my Party KANU, if I DECLARE Political WAR You Will CRY in the Toilet- Moi WARNS DP Ruto

Senator Gideon Moi

Baringo Senator who is also the leader of KANU has warned DP William Ruto against insulting him and also interfering with KANU affairs. Hon Moi told DP to keep off matters KANU or he will declare a political war against the DP.

Here is Senator Moi’s Facebook post that went viral>>

By Senator Gideon Moi

“I respect William Ruto as the Deputy President but for him to interfere with my work and insult me and my party Kanu is really unfortunate and uncalled for. Our competitors should know that Kanu has awakened and should brace themselves for a bruising battle during the next general elections because every corner of the country was willing to join us. I have not spoken yet and when I speak, it will be unstoppable.”





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