Uhuru promotes KARIUKI and names him Kenya Army Commander! Is it because of 2017 rigging?

imageFriday July 29, 2016 – President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is the Commander in Chief of Armed Forces has promoted Lieutenant General, Robert Kariuki Kibochi, and named him the Kenya Army Commander in a suspicious manner.

Kariuki replaces Lieutenant General, Leonard Ngond’i who was demoted and sent to the National Defence College as a commandant in a humiliation manner.

Lieutenant Kariuki is now only rivalled by Lt General Joseph Kasaon, the Vice Chief of Defence Forces in rising to become a five star general and the Chief of Defence Forces.

This is because the next Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) will most likely come from the Kenya Army since General Mwathethe is from the Kenya Navy and his predecessor, General Julius Karangi, was from the Kenya Air Force.

Furthermore, commandants of military colleges often end up being retired from the force.

Lieutenant Kariuki was until yesterday an assistant CDF in charge of Operations Doctrine and Training at the military headquarters.

He will be deputised by Major General, Walter Koipaton, who was promoted from the rank of Brigadier.

In a statement to the press, Military Spokesman, Bogita Ongeri, said the President made the changes after advice from the Defence Council, but might have been organized in advance to create a preferred successor. It will be interesting to see how the young men in uniform behave in the next one year or next.




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