Kenya : Cobra disrupts rally as guests scamper for safety and took off for dear lives.

A cobra snake caused panic and fear after it appeared during a political rally in Machakos, the function was led by CCU leader Wavinya Ndeti who is contesting the Machakos gubernatorial seat.

A political rally in Machakos county was briefly disrupted after a giant cobra snake invaded the function sending politicians and residents into panic.

The poisonous snake according to reports had charged at the guests forcing the politicians and some residents to climb into tables as others fled for their dear lives.

According to Hivisasa, Chama Cha Uzalendo party leader Wavinya Ndeti, Secretary General Saja Philipe, organising secretary Davies Musau and Machakos County Assembly deputy speaker Nganga wa Ngangani had just taken their seats when the cobra appeared

Residents ganged up and killed the snake before burning it. The politicians led by Ndeti had earlier in the day opened party offices at Ikombe ward just metres from where the incident happened.

The function later resumed after residents and the politicians had been assured the snake was killed.

Machakos county and greater Ukambani has been affected by incidents of snake attacks, the region which is semi-arid has a large number of poisonous snakes including cobras and vipers which have maimed and killed residents.

Residents in the region are usually advised to visit the nearest health facilities in case of snake bites so as to be given snake anti-venom.

Mrs. Ndeti is being opposed mainly on national origin grounds after she married a Nigerian man at Athi river and sired babies with him.

Cobra Snakes are one of the most feared animals on our planet. When confronted, this species quickly attempts to escape and avoid confrontation. However, if continuously provoked, the king cobra can be highly aggressive. When concerned, it rears up the anterior portion (usually one-third) of its body when extending the neck, showing the fangs and hissing loudly. It can be easily irritated by closely approaching objects or sudden movements. When raising its body, the king cobra can still move forward to strike with a long distance and people may misjudge the safe zone. This snake may deliver multiple bites in a single attack, but adults are known to bite and hold on. It is secretive and tends to inhabit less-populated forested regions and dense jungle, thus many victims bitten by king cobras are actually snake charmers.



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