More to PASSARIS’ mess? NAZLIN claimed RAILA knocked her door, begged to ‘enter her’.

Easter Passaris, claimed on Monday that Equity Bank CEO, James Mwangi tried to force her to bed

Thursday August 4, 2016 – Adopt A Light Limited founder, Easter Passaris, claimed on Monday that Equity Bank CEO, James Mwangi tried to force her to bed when she went to seek financial assistance from him.

Passaris, who appeared disturbed, also claimed that randy Mwangi tried to force himself into her room during a Strathmore Business School training exercise held at Mount Kenya Safari Club.

“He told me he came to the training because he saw I was there, otherwise, the initial plan was for his managers to attend the event,” Passaris said.

As the ancient roman proverb goes, birds of the same feather flock together, in 2007, Passaris’s friend Nazlin Umar once claimed that CORD leader, Raila Odinga, tried to defile her in a hotel.

She claimed that Raila Odinga kept knocking her door in a hotel in Mombasa saying how h0rny he was.

Not that Dr Mwangi is a saint but this is one example that should make Kenyans not trust stories narrated by the likes of Nazlin and Passaris who are renowned gold diggers.

Passaris and Nazlin, who are both divorcees, seem to have perfected the art of using their s*xuality to force rich men like Raila and Mwangi do what they want.

So unless Passaris provides some more evidence, Kenyans should treat her claims as one of her gold digging mission gone wrong & her entire narration might just be a cock and bull story.

Equity Bank chief executive officer (CEO) James Mwangi is said to have demanded sex from Ms. Passaris to approve tenders for her Adopt-A-Light company. When she refused, he went berserk and sabotaged her business sua sponte.



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