RAILA ODINGA wants Kenyans to use ID cards to vote in 2017 and this is his reasoning

Raila Odinga

Sunday August 7, 2016 – CORD leader, Raila Odinga now wants Kenyans to use their Identity Cards (ID) to cast the ballot in 2017.

Currently, a voter’s card is required and it cannot be issued without an ID card. Besides the current database created through corruption has several fictious names to illegally support jubilee regime and advance the malfeasance.

Many people complain about delays in getting ID cards and voters’ cards and say that they are discouraged or apathetic.

Raila said he supported the issue of voting with ID card because it is easier and more effective to vote with IDs.

However, challenges arise especially because the ID registration process is manual but the voter registration through biometrics is electronic.

The data would have to be converted.

The state will save an enormous sum and considerable time hence Raila Odinga’s support.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) opposes the idea saying the ID database can easily be manipulated by the State. However, we disagree, No it cannot be manipulated because it is identifiable.

As a proponent, CORD thinks it will benefit significantly, through Jubilee also will gain.

In 2013, many potential voters did not register and vote in perceived CORD zones, the IEBC strategic plan shows.

This could change if Parliament adopt Raila Odinga’s proposal.

Former IEBC chairman Issack Hassan is accused of manipulating the voter register to advance corruption in the jubilee areas at the expense of the Kenyan citizens. A new register with each citizen holding their ids will create a transparency system.




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