WHY Senator Wetangula ATTEMPT to ZONE OFF Luyhaland MUST be REJECTED and CONDEMNED

BBC’s Panorama programme reported that Moses Wetangula (Bungoma Senator) as Trade minister in 2012 was one of the MPs who allegedly received ‘favours’ from BAT.

By P W

Let’s set the record straight. This Wetang’ula nonsense must be put to an end.

There is nowhere in the CORD coalition agreement that says Western is reserved for FORD-K. Matter of fact, ODM remains far more popular than FORD-K not just in Western but within Bungoma too. That was/is the choice of the people of Western.

Raila Odinga does not need Wetang’ula consent to visit Western as ODM party leader. He has his members, supporters and delegates that need his attention. These are people who do not recognize Wetang’ula.

Further, now that FORD-K is intent on fielding 2017 candidates in all regions ODM has incumbents, ODM too will exercise it’s independence and field candidates in all seats occupied by FORD-K incumbents including the Bungoma and Trans-Nzoia gubernatorial seats. Let’s see how far FORD-K will go with this misguided anti-Raila rhetoric it is driving in Western.

When Wetang’ula launched his 2017 presidential bid, Kenyans expected him to campaign nationally and to stop mark timing in Bungoma while shouting at the top.of his voice for an undeserved endorsement.

Kiambu is equally Kenya territory and as presidential candidate we expect to see Wetang’ula there too. He is welcome to try his luck in Kisumu and Siaya as well.

Meanwhile the ODM party leader proceeds with his party responsibilities.




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