TNA MP, ALICE NG’ANG’A, gets rid of her pregnancy after unprotected S£X with BARASA.

Daniel Barasa

Friday, 12 August 2016 – Thika town MP, Alice Ng’ang’a, a single mother who is well known for her randy behaviour in the political circles, has gotten rid of her pregnancy after dishing out her flesh to Daniel Barasa, who was suspended from the National Irrigation Board over corruption.

Alice is said to have lured Daniel Barasa to s3x so that they can loot money from the National Irrigation Board that they have used to build lavish apartments in Lavington.

The money involved in the looting spree amounted to millions of shillings and that’s why Alice allowed Daniel to hit it raw on several occasions.

After she fell pregnant, the vocal legislator, who was following President Uhuru Kenyatta like a tail, kept a low profile from political scene.

Word going round Kenya’s political circles has it that she has decided to get rid of the pregnancy.

This is after she was criticized and her boyfriend arrested for questioning, Her baby bump is nowhere to be seen exactly four months after she fell pregnant.

If she didn’t terminate the pregnancy, this would be her third child from three different fathers.

Suspended National Irrigation Board General Manager Daniel Barasa shown above  fathered  Alice Nganga’s third kid. But then she appears to have taken it off. The two plundered National Irrigation Board coffers and used the money to build apartments for personal gain.

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