Luhya darling reveals love souvenir from Sarika Patel

image.jpegTimothy Khamala, the Bukusu Darling has revealed indications that his ‘love’ Sarika Patel fell sick after eating food from her family.

Sarika left him after she fell sick with the food she ate which had been brought by her family.

“I had warned her never to take anything especially food brought to her from her family members but she defied. That is how she apparently fell sick and later, her family came to pick her for good,” he said.

Khamala denied the reports that he battered her Asian girlfriend saying instead she was picked by her parents after she fell ill.

All is not gloom, according to him he knows their love is still strong since she left him a love souvenir, a towel.
The towel symbolizes the strong love they shared and indicated she still loves him despite their separation.

“Our love is not dead, that’s why I have not married another woman. Take anything from me, mess around with my clothes but if I find you with that towel, I can do the worst. The towel leaves a magical touch on me,” he was quoted by The Nairobian
For now, Khamala is content, using the towel to gently wipe his body — every morning after showering, every evening before bed — as a symbolic gesture honouring Sarika.

Khamala uses the ‘Sarika Towel’ every morning and evening as a symbolic gesture to honour his love.

Despite communication between the two being cut off, Khamala believes the pair will be buried in the same homestead after having several dreams of the two dancing Hindu and Bukusu songs.

He has also refused to marry an African wife saying they are too stubborn, his former wife returned after Sarika left but the marriage failed to work.

Bukusu darling pair came into the limelight after Sarika who comes from a wealthy Asian family moved into Timothy Khamala’s semi-permanent home.

Khamala worked at the Sarika’s home where the pair met and fell in love.






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