UHURU’s men chased like dogs from a funeral in Kisii! We don’t want to hear Jubilee (VIDEO)

imageSaturday August 13, 2016 – Chaos and pandemonium rocked a funeral ceremony in Kisii County on Friday after mourners chased out former Commission of the Implementation of the Constitution (CIC) chairman, Charles Nyachae and Kitutu Chache South MP, Richard Onyonka, for associating with Jubilee party.

Nyachae and Onyonka had attended the funeral where they started asking the Kisii community members to join Jubilee because it is the winning team in 2017.

But as they were speaking, mourners started heckling and the ceremony was stopped temporarily to cool Wanainchi who had taken it upon themselves to humiliate the two politicians.

The irate mourners told Nyachae and Onyonka that they don’t want to hear anything about Jubilee because they abandoned the Omogusii community in 2013.

Speaking after the chaos, South Mugirango MP, Manson Nyamweya, reminded those leading delegations to State House that budgetary allocation on development is not domiciled at State House but in parliament.

He also castigated Kisii politicians who visited State House, Nairobi, to meet President Uhuru Kenyatta saying the community will not be auctioned by political brokers.

Here is the video of Nyachae and Onyonka being heckled in a funeral in Kisii County.




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