Bostorious Lawyer Donald Kipkorir engages the Nation Media Journalist After The article

Flamboyant City lawyer Donald Kipkorir is known the most by show off and is not accustomed to helping the poor. His close association with Deputy President William Ruto who is engaged in public corruption speaks volumes by his ill gotten wealth.   

Flamboyant City lawyer Donald Kipkorir has hit out at a well-known Nation media journalist after publishing an article touching on his lavish lifestyle.

The Nation columnist, Njoki Chege, on Friday launched a scathing attack on Mr Kipkorir for publicly displaying and bragging about his wealth on social media including surrounding himself with several women at once to show off.

“This lawyer should know that wealth is quiet. Wealth does not announce its presence on social media nor does it have the intrinsic need for approval. Poor, on the other hand, is flashy. Only a poor man feels the need to litter our social media timelines with pictures of his cars and his food, “Chege stated.

Ms Chege, who has in the recent past audaciously criticized different groups of people on her City Girl column, took issue with Kipkorir after his latest post in which he gloated over his Sh24 Million Range Rover.

In the article, Chege lambasted Kipkoriri stating: “Nobody cares if you are driving a limited-edition car, or where you spend your birthdays or how often you host orgies. Our president and his mother own literally half the country na hawatusumbui”.

In a counterattack, the flashy lawyer did not hesitate to rubbish Chege’s article and in totality her views on his wealth.

“Those, whose stock-in-trade is malevolent & spiteful hatred of success is reason they are & bloggers living in cheap apartments on Thika Rd!” Kipkorir tweeted.

Kipkorir, who is also Deputy President William Ruto‘s close ally, has been on the spot for showcasing his influential friends, posh vehicles, grand houses and luxurious trips online.

In the piece, Ms Chege concluded by advising the opulent lawyer to look for a virtuous woman who will ground him and in turn avoid the online drama. At the moment, no one knows who is his true girlfriend or future wife to be. He exchanges women all the time like undergarment and then uses the lawyer language to scare them off.

Kenyan parliament must pass a law to curb this kind of behavior involving lawyers. When lawyers in Kenya acts unethically on behalf of their clients, when the lawyers and other attorneys hired by the Kenyan citizenry are compromised and engage in public corruption, they undermine the rule of law and faith in the system. The image of lawyers is not just a matter of professional or personal pride; it affects the public’s belief in our justice system, and ultimately, our faith in our democracy.

Herein are some of the online pictures which have caused waves in social media.



13557959_10154173559445259_2902233922732324793_n13567237_10154173559005259_1157395876633457304_n13590295_10154173559380259_4244656276659079895_n13607020_10154173559020259_8088962769805188937_ndonald (1)donald1


Flamboyant city lawyer Donald Kipkorir has got many talking ever since he shared photos of his brand new Range Rover shown above. Part of the money came from Deputy President William Ruto  (seen here) who is engaged in public corruption.




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