Kenyan Women Storm Tanzania Demanding for their Husbands

Screen-Shot-2016-08-12-at-2.57.15-PM.pngResidents of Tanzania were on Friday shocked after hundreds of Kenyan women held protests at the Namanga (Kenyan-Tanzania) border demanding for their husbands.

The women, who hail from the Masaai community, claimed that their husbands had absconded domestic duties to seek cheap liquor in Tanzania.

The enraged women also accused their spouses of marrying their counterparts in the neighbouring country and failing to return to their homes.

It took the intervention of Kajiado County Governor Alex Mutua to convince the rioting women to return home.

Confirming the incident Longido District Commissioner, Daniel Chongolo,stated that the demos were against the law adding that property of unknown value was destroy in the process.

“Some women claim that their husbands have married other wives in Tanzania’s Longido area,” Mr Chongolo was quoted by edaily.

He said that a commission had been put up in place to investigate the claims by the rioters.

In a bid to solve the problem, Mr Chongolo banned alcohol drinking during the day in Tanzania to stop Kenyan men from flocking the Country. He also warned Tanzanian women against keeping Kenyan men in their houses.

The Tanzania administrator also confirmed that the protestors admitted their mistake and apologised for the havoc that took place along the border.

Kenya -Tanzania Flags



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