CORD negotiating team duped by Jubilee

Senator Moses Wateng’ula (Right in glasses) started a fight within a fight to undermine CORD leader. As a result, Opposition got a bad deal after he was compromised.  

By Hon Jim Bonnie

Raila’s presidency now hangs in the balance after cord negotiating team tried pulling all the tricks in the book but bagged a raw deal on axing IEBC bosses. Among the people who undermined him is Senator Moses Wateng’ula who started a fight within a fight to undermine CORD leader and the opposition leadership.

On the flip side, jubilee is smiling all the way to the ballot after outwitting opposition negotiators in their own game in a committee that was chaired by in-laws.

Let’s look at the hard stances from both sides of the divide and see whose demands sailed through and whose hit a concrete floor.

1. Cord demanded Serena-like talks while jubilee was adamant the negotiations must be conducted through Parliament insisting they can’t discuss IEBC under a tree. Jubilee won. The talks are being conducted by parliamentary committee.

2. Cord demanded that Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta sign the negotiated deal before being tabled in Parliament. Jubilee argued that the two can’t sign any document of a parliamentary committee as they not members of Parliament. Jubilee won, the two guys won’t sing the document.

3. Cord wanted voters to be registered a fresh. Jubilee said the country has no time to register people a fresh. They actually knew if this is done, Raila will thrash Uhuru. They said instead of fresh registration, let’s audit the current register (they duped cord) that has ghost voters. Cord conceded.

4. Cord wanted both jubilee and CORD to nominate commissioners to the new Commission. Jubilee rejected that idea instead proposing a selection panel where jubilee, cord, public service Commission and churches will second members. Cord abandoned their demands and accepted jubilee bait.

You know what? Just be prepared that in a selection panel that has Public Service Commission and clergy (who’ve been receiving harambee money from government mandarins), Uhuru’s man will be the chair of the commission and most commissioners will be his stooges. It doesn’t matter if that man will be from Bondo, or Nyatike or Gatundu.

Elections are not won on the voting day, it’s a process. Raila has already lost one critical process that would allow him win the coming election.

Correct me if I’m right.




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