DRAMA: Jubilee’s Warembo na Uhuru group CHASED LIKE DOGS in Nyamira by Locals, Police Kept Off

Warembo na Uhuru in a street walk. The lobby group faced a hard time in Nyamira after they were flushed out of a meeting.[Waza/waza.co.ke]
In Nyamira County, attempts by a political lobby group to market the newly formed Jubilee Party (JP) failed to take place after their meeting was disrupted by a rival group. Members of the ‘Warembo na Uhuru’ group had pitched tent in Nyamira town when their mission was cut short by youths armed with whips and clubs.

The initial meeting, which was to take place at Nyamira Primary School, was interrupted when a group of youths claiming to be the legitimate members of the lobby said they had not been invited. They said the lobby had been hijacked by outsiders.

They stormed the venue and roughed up the participants whom they accused of sabotaging their affairs. The attacking group, which seemed well prepared, overcame the opponents who abandoned the event and scampered for safety. The tents were dismantled and the venue left in disarray.

Controversy heightened when one of the attackers, identified only as Wilkister, ordered the participants to identify their counties of origin after she claimed most of them were from Kiambu County. The meeting was later moved to Konate Junction but again, they found no peace as the rival group followed them.

Nyamira Police Commander Titus Ndung’u said the two groups accused each other of interference but were ordered to find consensus among themselves to avoid a breach of the peace. “They came to our station counter-accusing each other of sabotage but we ordered them to sort out their membership issues before coming here,” said Mr Ndung’u.

The lobby group had pitched a tent in Nyamira town when some rowdy youths attacked them wielding whips and chasing them away for conducting a meeting and not inviting them.
Members of a political lobby group christened ‘Warembo na Uhuru’ found themselves between a rock and a hard surface after their efforts to popularise their Jubilee Party in Nyamira county were disrupted by a rival faction. 



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